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Features and Benefits Shirokuma Floor Mounted RAF-FX8 Hitachi has added the Shirokuma Floor Mounted units to their Room Air Conditioners range of products. With heating and cooling capacities from 2.5kW to 6.5kW, the Shirokuma Floor mounted unit incorporates all the features that are expected from Hitachi in addition to the following benefits: • High COP and EER COP of 4.31 and EER of 4.30 • Stylish Design The units are available in a variety of colours to complement any interior • Low Noise Noise levels as low as 20dB(A) • DC PAM Inverter Technology Hitachi pioneered ‘DC’ Inverter PAM driven Room Air Conditioners and use this technology to drive its compressors and fans • Plasma Air Purifying System Removes impurities from the air and detects and neutralises dust, pollen and odours • High Efficiency Scroll Compressor Scroll compressor technology that improves efficiency and reduces noise • Flexible Mounting Position The unit comes with a removable stand which gives the option of mounting it on the wall • Standard Controller 24-hour infra red remote controller • Control Options Optional simplified or hard wired remote controller with built in 7-day timer Compatible with H-LINK Control/Ready to Connect to PCS-6RAD Adapter System Features RAF-25FX8 RAF-35FX8 RAF-50FX8 Auto Restart by Previous Mode „Ï „Ï „Ï Auto Changeover „Ï „Ï „Ï LED Self Diagnosis „Ï „Ï „Ï Stainless Pre-filter „Ï „Ï „Ï Self Cleaning Function „Ï „Ï „Ï Air Purifying Filter Type SPX-CFH15 SPX-CFH15 SPX-CFH15 Colour Choice White & Dark Silver or Beige & Dark Chocolate Remote Controller Type Infra Red (Std) - Simple Wired or Wired inc. 7 Day Timer (Option) Remote Control Timer 24hr or 7 Day option H-LINK Compatible „Ï „Ï „Ï RAR-3U2 RAC FX8

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Outdoor Units Floor Mounted Indoor Units RAF-25FX8 RAF-35FX8 RAF-50FX8 Nominal Capacity (Min ~ Max) (kW) Cooling 2.5 (0.9-3.1) 3.5 (0.9-4.0) 5.0 (0.9-5.2) Heating 3.4 (0.9-4.4) 4.2 (0.9-5.0) 6.5 (0.9-8.1) UK Cooling Capacity (kW) Total 2.4 3.1 4.2 Sensible 1.9 2.5 3.1 EER/COP Cooling 4.31 3.43 3.21 Heating 4.30 3.69 3.65 Energy Label Cooling A A A Heating A A A Indoor Sound Pressure Level (Overall Scale) dB(A) Cooling 38/31/26/20 39/31/26/20 43/36/29/22 Heating 38/31/27/23 39/31/26/20 44/36/29/22 Indoor Fan (m3/min) Cooling 10.5/8.5/6.5/4.5 10.5/8.5/6.5/4.5 11.5/9.0/7.5/5.0 Heating...

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