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Features and Benefits RAC DH7 RAD DH7A Hitachi’s Monoduct In the Ceiling ducted units are available with heating and cooling capacities from 5.0kW to 8.0kW and offer the following benefits • High COP and EER COP of 3.77 and EER of 3.57 • Low Noise Noise levels as low as 28dB(A) • DC Inverter PAM Control Hitachi pioneered ‘DC’ Inverter PAM driven Room Air Conditioners and use this technology to drive its compressors and fans • Air Intake Direction Air intake direction can be horizontal or vertical by interchanging the bottom panel with the fan cover • Built-In Drain Pump The units are equipped with an automatic internal drain pump, which removes the accumulated condensation from the drain pan. An electronic sensor monitors the water level activating the pump only when necessary • Standard Controller Newly-developed hard wired remote controller with built in 12-hour timer • Control Options Optional infra red remote control (additional infra red receiver required) or hard wired remote controller with built in 7-day timer Compatible with H-LINK Control/Ready to Connect to PCS-6RAD Adapter Monoduct In the Ceiling System Features RAD-50DH7A RAD-60DH7A RAS-70DH7A Auto Restart by Previous Mode „Ï „Ï „Ï Auto Changeover „Ï „Ï „Ï LED Self Diagnosis „Ï „Ï „Ï Normal Pre-filter „Ï „Ï „Ï Built in Condensate Pump „Ï „Ï „Ï Selectable Return Air Inlet (Rear / Bottom) „Ï „Ï „Ï Remote Controller Type Simple Wired (Std) - Wired inc. 7 Day Timer or Infra Red (Option) Remote Control Timer 24hr or 7 Day option H-LINK Compatible „Ï „Ï „Ï PM RAD 18 NH7

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In the Ceiling Indoor Units RAD-50DH7A RAD-60DH7A RAS-70DH7A Nominal Capacity (Min ~ Max) (kW) Cooling 5.0(0.9-6.0) 6.0(0.9-7.0) 7.1(0.9-8.0) Heating 6.0(0.9-7.0) 7.3(0.9-8.0) 8.0(0.9-9.0) UK Cooling Capacity (kW) Total 4.8 5.5 6.8 Sensible 3.8 3.9 4.8 EER/COP Cooling 3.57 3.21 2.81 Heating 3.77 3.43 3.42 Energy Label Cooling A A C Heating A B B Indoor Sound Pressure Level (Overall Scale) dB(A) Cooling 34/32/30/28 34/32/30/28 36/32/30/28 Heating 35/33/31/29 35/33/31/29 36/33/31/29 Indoor Fan (m3/min) Cooling 15/13/11/10.3 15/13/11/10.3 16/13/11/10.3 Heating 15/13/11/10.3 15/13/11/10.3...

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