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HITACHI Authorised Distributors are committed to providing an unrivalled support from a combination of experienced engineers, local product and spare parts stock, supported in turn by on-goingtechnical support from HITACHI.From the initial product concept at HITACHIs research and development facility in Japan, product development is dedicated to providing the products the customer requires. Product design and development is continuous with priority being given to the use of ecologically friendly refrigerants. To satisfy your cooling and heating requirements and to ensure the optimum indoor...

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84636_Utopia-R410A.qxp 16/12/05 4:26 pm Page 5 Hitachi Air Conditioning Products Europe (HAPE works, Spain) Hitachi Air Conditioning Systems Co., Ltd. (Shimizu works, Japan) Hitachi Air Conditioning Products (M) Sdn.Bhd (HAPM works, Malaysia) has acquired International Standard Quality Management System ISO9001 & ISO 14001 authorisation. HAPE performs thorough product quality control using various environmental tests. Hitachi Set Free Series Indoor units and panels are manufactured according to this ISO certification system. has acquired InternationalStandard Quality Management System...

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its combination of SYSTEM FREEindoor units. This combination allows the interconnection of the same indoor units in all the systems.The system provides effortlessselection, easy control, logical zooming, and trouble-free installation. Through its modularity the system delivers maximum flexibility and consequently offers increased benefits for both installers and end users.The Hitachi range of Utopia SplitSystems benefit from a vast array of significant features all designed with the user in mind! Hitachis new range of Utopia SplitSystems has developed significantly in recent years following...

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84636_Utopia-R410A.qxp 16/12/05 4:26 pm Page 7 DC Inverter Utopia Outdoor Units Indoor Units Econofresh Utopia G8 Outdoor Units > 7 84636Utopia-R410A- Page 7 size="-3">

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Performance is greatly improved bythe high-efficiency,high pressure, inverter driven scroll compressor. Reliability greatly improved byoptimised bearingՕ Intake loss and leakage losslargely reduced by asymmetric scroll lap Heat loss largely reduced by oilreturn structureՕ Accurate oiling to the compressorby improved oiling system Supercooling circuit Performance improved by high-efficiency plate type of heat exchanger DC Compressor By using DC, the performance is improved at around 30 - 40Hz where the operation time of the inverter compressor is longest. Also, to suppress electromagnetic...

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Extremely compact design enabling easy installation and effective use ofplant space. Hitachi has created one of the lightest and most compact systems on the market. Piping connectors pivot four ways (front, rear, lateral and down) to allow easier positioning of units. This greatly enhanced flexibility reduces problems during installation and encourages the alignment of multiple outdoor units in small areas. > Super high stream fan, delta shaped edges reduces fan size and noise levels.Օ Bell Mouth, the new bellmouth minimises friction, resulting in smoothflow and sound. >

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The systems are offered in the following combinations: Single, Twin or Triple with the Utopia range of outdoor unitsՕ Single, Twin, Triple and Quad with the Utopia Big outdoor unit Single with Centrifugal Utopia unit With its modular design the new Utopia G8 series outdoor unit provides a totally flexible air conditioning solution. This offers not only standard cooling functions but, in addition, heating (for heat pump models), dry and fan operation for all environments. > Single with UTOPIA G8 series outdoor unitTwin with UTOPIA G8 series outdoor unit > The system requires only two...

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The Utopia Centrifugal unit can be installed indoors or outdoors making itthe ideal choice for places where it is is forbidden or impossible to place an outdoor unit outside the building.Avoids legislation and local regulations regarding outdoor unit installation. Twin with UTOPIA BigSingle with Centrifugal UTOPIA Unit > A sensibly located front access panel allows installation in a space savingin line configuration with as little as 50mm separation between each unit. This is an advantage over conventional side access units that must be positioned several feet apart. Piping connectors pivot...

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Model RCD 1.5FSNRCD 2.0FSN Indoor Unit Configuration TwinTwinTriple Compatible Panel PG23DWA1 Power Supply V/Ph/Hz220-240V/50Hz Nominal Cooling Capacity kW7.1(3.9~8.0)10(4.9~11.2)14(TBC) Nominal Heating Capacity kW8(4~10.0)11.2(5.7~14.0)16(TBC) Sound Pressure Levels dB(A)35/32/3035/32/30 Dimensions > (HxWxD) mm298/860/620298/860/620 Net Weight Indoor unit kg2727 Air Flow Rate > (Hi/Me/Lo) m > 3 /min12/10/8.515/13/11 Approx packing measurement Unit m > 3 0.100.10 Combined Outdoor Unit Heat PumpRAS 3.0HVRNERAS 4.0HVRNERAS 6.0HRNE Total Input power cooling kW1.862.494.39 Total Input power...

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Model RPC 2.0FSNERPC 2.5FSNE Indoor Unit Configuration TwinTripleTwin Power Supply V/Ph/Hz220-240V/50Hz Nominal Cooling Capacity kW10.0 (4.9~11.2)14(TBC)12.5 (6.7~14.0) Nominal Heating Capacity kW11.2 (5.7~14.0)16(TBC)14(7~18) Sound Pressure Levels dB(A)44/42/3846/43/41 Dimensions > (HxWxD) mm163/1094/625163/1314/625 Net Weight Indoor unit kg2831 Air Flow Rate (Hi/Me/Lo) m > 3 /min15/13/1018/16/12 Approx packing measurement Unit m > 3 0.240.29 Combined Outdoor Unit Heat PumpRAS 4.0HVRNERAS 6.0HRNERAS 5.0HVRNE Total Input power cooling kW2.494.393.44 Total Input power heating kW2.444.233.26...

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Model RPFI 1.5FSNERPFI 2.0FSNERPFI 2.5FSNE Indoor Unit Configuration TwinTwinTripleTwin Power Supply V/Ph/Hz220-240V/50Hz Nominal Cooling Capacity kW7.1(3.9~8.0)10.0 (4.9~11.2)14(TBC)12.5 (6.7~14.0) Nominal Heating Capacity kW8.0(4.0~10.0)11.2 (5.7~14.0)16(TBC)14(7~18) Sound Pressure Levels dB(A)38/35/3139/36/3242/38/34 Dimensions > (HxWxD) mm620/988/220620/1238/220620/1238/220 Net Weight Indoor unit kg232728 Air Flow Rate > (Hi/Me/Lo) m > 3 /min12/10/916/14/1116/14/11 Approx packing measurement Unit m > 3 Combined Outdoor Unit RAS 3.0HVRNERAS 4.0HVRNERAS 6.0HRNERAS 5.0HVRNE...

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