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ModelsUtopia IVX 20-30 kWUtopia DC Inverter 5-14 kWUtopia Fixed Speed 6.3-12.5 kWUtopia Centrifugal 12.5-25 kW UTOPIASYSTEMS

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Company Profile 4Utopia Split Systems 6 Technical Features and Benefits 8 Installation Features and Benefits 10 System Free Indoor Units 12 Utopia IVX 28 Utopia DC Inverter 30 Utopia Fixed Speed 32 Utopia Centrifugal 34 Total Heat Exchanger 36 Control Systems 38 Optional Parts 42 33 >

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Hitachi Air Conditioning Products Europe HAPE works, Spain > Hitachi Appliances, Inc. Shimizu works, Japan Hitachi Air Conditioning Products (M) HAPM works, Malaysia >

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Hitachi Air Conditioning Products Europe (HAPE works, Spain) has acquired International Standard Quality Management System ISO9001 & ISO 14001 authorisation. HAPE performs thorough product quality control using various environmental tests. Hitachi Set Free Series Indoor units and panels are manufactured according to this ISO certification system. Hitachi Air Appliances Inc. (Shimizu works, Japan) has acquired International Standard Quality Management System ISO9001 and ISO14001 authorisation. Shimizu works perform thorough product quality control using various environmental tests, severe...

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The Utopia range offers high performance and attractively priced systems for use in small buildings and commercial premises requiring intelligent environment facilities. The range comes in three different types of models the Utopia IVX, the Utopia DC Inverter and the Utopia N giving you a wide variety of choice and allowing you to design an installation that best suits your requirements.The Utopia IVX HRNM is the latest addition and brings variable refrigerant flow and independent control to the Utopia range but at a fraction of the price of standard VRF systems. Available in models from...

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Improved lubrication system The compressors use a pressure differential system for lubrication based on the difference between the intake and discharge pressure. Lubrication is very accurate and highly reliable throughout the operating range even at low frequencies. Performance is greatly improved by the high efficiency high pressure inverter driven scroll compressor. High pressure shell The high pressure shell acts as an oil separator reducing the amount of oil circulating in the refrigeration system giving better heat exchanger efficiency. This also prevents the oil entering the shell...

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Rotor shape opt i um magnet used [˚C] i m i zedNeodym Pecul i ar electromagnet i c no i c i ency i se to DC compressor cutEff i ncreased across ent i re range of rpm used > High-efficiency motor Current ModelUTOPIA IVX Reduced by Current ModelUTOPIA IVX Reduced by Reduced Refr i gerant Charge at Sh i pment Refr i gerant Charge for Long P i pe-runs (100m)

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H-Link requires only two transmission wires connecting each outdoor unit for up to 16 refrigerant cycles and connecting wires for all indoor units and outdoor units in the series.The advantages of this system are: Flexible installation options Օ No polarity requirements CS Net Connection via indoor or outdoor unitՕ Can connect up to 128 indoor units Possible to have cable lengths of up to 1000m (5000m with H-link Relay) > Refrigerant PipingTransmission Wires Indoor UnitIndoor UnitIndoor Unit Outdoor UnitOutdoor Unit Utopia DC Inverter and Utopia N Twin Split InstallationUtopia DC Inverter...

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The RCIM, Mini 4-way cassette indoor unit is extremely quiet, compact and has a range of features that benefit installation. Such as an adjustable mounting height, it is compact and lightweight and also it has a uniform panel size and uniform mounting positions allowing for easier piping connections. Quiet operation The following table lists air flow rates for RCIM. Air Flow Rates and Noise levels dB(A) ModelHiMeLoRCIM-1.5FSN 383533 DC Motor with Reduced Input and Noise Easy Installation and Maintenance RCIM-2.0FSN 423937 The DC fan motor greatly improves efficiency and reduces...

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The RCD 2 way cassette produces very little noise, it has a new air panel resulting in a very low profile design. Quiet OperationՕ Slim line design New Air Panel, perfect fit for any ceiling Quiet operation By employing a super-high-stream turbo fan (three-dimensional twisted wing with large bore and high efficiency), the wind flow efficiency has been improved by 20% resulting in a noise reduction down to an exceptionally low 30dB (A). It is ideal wherever quiet operation is important. An Air panel perfect for any ceiling This unit virtually merges with the ceiling; it only protrudes 30mm...

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The RPC ceiling type indoor unit is simple to install, has an elegant design, an automatic swing louver and is very quiet in operation Stylish designՕ Space saving design Easy installation Օ Quiet operation Elegant design An innovative fan and heat exchanger design led to the creation of todays ultra slim ceiling unit. Fully adjustable mounting brackets allow the unit to be fitted flush with the ceiling leaving a profile of only 150mm. Simple and flexible installation To expand the installation and positioning options the unit has a choice of two drain pipe connections, also refrigeration...

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The RPI in the ceiling type indoor unit is designed especially for installation in false ceiling spaces. Slim but sturdy design The RPI has a reinforced structure to give the unit more rigidity when it is suspended. It also only requires a small amount of space due to the reduction in overall dimensions and has one of the lowest height in the market, allowing it to be installed in practically any existing false ceiling or ducted space with out substantial modification. Adjustable static pressure > 197mm The unit has 3 static pressure settings and can be adapted to suit the installation...

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This model has been designed to create a pleasant, quiet and comfortable environment making it an ideal choice for the home. It has a stylish and compact design and can be used with wireless or wired remote controllers. Compact and Stylish The model has been designed with a flat front panel and the width has been reduced by 250mm to 780mm while the weight reduced by approximately 17%. Wireless or Wired Control The indoor unit is equipped with a wireless receiver kit as standard but can however be connected to the PC-P2HTE remote controller. Easy Maintenance To allow for fault diagnosis when...

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