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This cost-effective range of cassettes are available with heating and cooling capacities from 5.0kW to 16.0kW and offer the following benefits: Low Profile Design The compact turbo fan simplifies the structure and reduces the height of the unit to 298mm. The unitՒs low profile design allows easy installation in the most confined spaces inside a ceiling By employing a super-high-stream turbo fan (three-dimensional twisted wing with large bore and high efficiency), the air flow efficiency has been improved by 20% resulting in a noise reduction down to an exceptionally low 30dB(A) (NR 26) Low Noise > RCD-FSN2 PC-ART This unit virtually merges with the ceiling; it only protrudes 30mm and provides space for customised panelling allowing the unit to blend perfectly into any ceiling Օ Air Panel Perfect for Any Ceiling By incorporating the use of speed-up taps on the motor, this model can be adapted for high ceiling installations of up to 3.4m. This feature provides comfortable air conditioning in suburban stores and showrooms High Ceiling Installations Օ Standard Controller Hard wired remote controller with built in 7-day timer Optional simplified hard wired or infra red remote controller with 24hr timer Compatible with H-LINK II Control and CS Net Web controls that integrate with all leading BMS protocols Control Options Օ Compatible with Hitachis full range of commercial outdoor units: Utopia ES, Utopia Centrifugal, IVX, IVX > + , and all Set Free VRF sytems > System FeaturesRCD 1.0FSN2RCD 1.5FSN2RCD 2.0FSN2RCD 2.5FSN2RCD 3.0FSN2RCD 4.0FSN2RCD 5.0FSN2 Remote Control Self Diagnosis үü > Fresh Air Intake Kit  > Side Discharge Kit  > High Ceiling Adaptability  > Drain Pump (600mm lift)  > Remote Controller Type Hard Wired (std) - Simplified Wired or Infra Red (options) Remote Control Timer24hr or 7 Day optionH-LINK Compatible  >

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