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Column Covers Inspiration for a structural necessity

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Style and function that brings your vision to life. Architects usually choose the strongest construction material for load-bearing columns – often, steel-reinforced concrete or another material that offer limited design options. The solution: column covers. Hendrick Architectural Products creates custom and standard column covers to help you achieve the desired style and appearance you envisioned, layering a distinctive aesthetic element over a lessthan-inspiring support structure. Our column covers are fabricated by perforated & profile wire metal professionals with experience working with...

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Our column covers allow easy access for conduits, electrical, plumbing and data infrastructure. From cost-efficient standard designs to intricate custom solutions, we’ve got you covered. While Hendrick has the capability of producing an endless array of unique custom designs, we now offer easy-to-specify standard covers that are ideal for projects where cost is a concern. Our perforated metal and screen designs are available in a wide variety of Custom Laser shapes, finishes and patterns. We can manufacture column covers to architects’ exact specifications, ensuring satisfaction with the...

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Let’s talk about your column design Frequently architects will turn to us in order to design column covers that integrate the style of the columns with the rest of the building. Getting Hendrick involved in the design process early with a LEED-recognized Integrated Project Delivery approach, typically increases job efficiency, saving time and money. Profile Wire Request a quote today on custom or standard column covers.

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Standard Column Cover Designs BUTT JOINT FORMED ALUMINUM BRACKET LOCATED PER DESIGN BLOCKING BY OTHERS EXISTING COLUMN Round Column Cover Section with Standard Connection Column Cover Clip Detail Square Column Cover Section with Quick Connect Attachment FORMED ALUMINUM BRACKET LOCATED PER DESIGN BUTT JOINT BLOCKING BY OTHERS EXISTING COLUMN Note: Call us to discuss attachment methods for different column substrates. Visit hendrickarchproducts.com or call 1.877.840.0881

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Call Hendrick for installation instructions, maintenance guidelines and warranty information. Upper Covers Lower Covers Contact us today to discuss your project! 1-877-840-0881 or email us at sales@hendrickarchproducts.com PERFORATING • SCREENING • GRATING • FABRICATING hendrickarchproducts.com • 1.877.840.0881

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