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Technical Data Sheet ORGANIC FLOORING • Purebond® Plywood (Soya-based adhesive) • HempWood Flooring is 95% Biobased Bona* Ice HempWood Flooring Leed Points • 601.5 Prefabricated components • 604.1 Recycle content • 606.1 Biobased products Healthy Materials A plant-based adhesive makes for no VOC flooring. Resulting in cleaner indoor air quality and higher cognitive ability. "On average, cognitive scores were 61% higher" (Environmental Health Perspectives). Carbon Negativity Hemp is a powerful plant. Estimates show that for every ton of hemp grown, 1.62 tonnes of carbon dioxide is removed. Additionally, our manufacturing process utilises bio and hydro energy to make carbon-negative building material. USDA Certified Biobased Product In addition to strengthening the economy and supporting rural America, biobased products help address climate change by offering renewable alternatives to petroleum-based products. They also sequester carbon dioxide, lowering the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere that contribute to climate change. Plank Size Depth: 15.6mm Width: 127mm Length: 1220mm - 1830mm • 608.1 Resource-effcient material • 611.2 Sustainable products Tongue & Groove (Available in plank and herringbone) Bona Traffic HD coating Test Results Item Standard Result Hardness ASTM D1037 -6a (Janka Ball) 2,200 lbf Dimensional Stability ASTM D1037 (20-90% RH) Swell 0.02/0.06/0.77% Fire Rating ASTM E 648 Rating: Class 1 Abrasion Resistance ASTM 1037 1600-1800 revs (WRO) Scratch Resistance ASTM 1037 21N Slip Resistance BN EN 16165:2021 Annex C 63 PTV Low Risk Formaldehyde Emissions CARB 2 & TSCA VI Compliant VOCs Emissions ASTM D6007-14 BLQ = <0.008ppm Carbon Negative HempWood® UK Unit 5 Euston Street, Leicester LE2 7ST, United Kingdom This data sheet was written by HempWood® UK. At the time of writing and publication of the sheet, all information is specified correctly. The company reserves the right to change the specifications of this product at any time without prior notice to third parties. To confirm the latest information please speak to a member of our team.

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