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Catalogue Product Overview - 3

ORGANIC WORKSPACE: FLEXIBLE INTERIORS THAT ADAPT TO YOUR CHANGING NEEDS Organic Workspace is Haworth’s holistic approach to the dynamics of an ever-changing working environment. It also stands for our ability to create flexible, motivating and sustainable workspaces that are quickly and easily adapted to constantly changing organisational requirements. These workspace solutions are the result of our many years of experience, global knowledge and universal approach to design. A focus on integration, adaptability and sustainability allows workspace changes to be made through re-use rather...

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Catalogue Product Overview - 4

Contents DESKS AND TABLES 8 Kiron 10 Hexagon 12 Epure 14 T_up 16 Tibas 18 a_con 20 a_con conference 22 Essence.2 23 m_pro 24 Audience Executive 26 Audience 28 Planes SCREENS 32 Universal Screens 33 MeetYou

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Catalogue Product Overview - 6

W orkstation or desk syste m , bench , stand alone , fixed or height ad j ustable , conference or m eeting table : whate v er your needs , we hav e DESKS AND TABLES the answer . D esks and tables designed to supply a constraint - free answer to changes in your workspace .

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Catalogue Product Overview - 8

Kiron 8 The simple design is equally capable of creating a single workstation, a team bench or a conference solution, and integrates as easily into tranquil managerial settings as busy offices. The Kiron desk offers a choice of leg styles and is available in fixed height or with either manual or motor driven height adjustment. The range includes accessories and personal storage solutions.

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Catalogue Product Overview - 9

Kiron Desks and tables Design: Andreas Struppler, Haworth Design Studio Product information: desk (motor driven or manual high adjustable), meeting table, pedestal, sideboard, cupboard, cabinet, leg styles: A-leg, Linear-leg or T-leg 9

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Catalogue Product Overview - 10

Hexagon 10 The Hexagon desk system takes advantage of the sturdy six-sided shape to produce a flexible, adaptable and surprisingly affordable product. The broad choice of legs and accessories, including modesty panels; organisational screens; acoustic solutions and CPU holders, enables you to completely style this product to your office space and your workplace needs.

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Catalogue Product Overview - 11

Hexagon Desks and tables Design: Wolfgang Blume B-Plan, Günter Hartmann h&h product design, Haworth Design Studio Product information: desk, meeting table, leg styles: round frame, A-leg, spider leg, C-frame with electric motor driven height adjustment 11

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Catalogue Product Overview - 12

Epure 12 Epure range adapts to change in an easy flexible and sustainable way. The universal Diabolo milled head offers tool-less assembly. The structural worktop removes the need for excessive supporting framework while shared legs reduce the number of components and increase the available space under the desk. The range offers a variety of workstations, team benches, meeting and managerial solutions.

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Catalogue Product Overview - 13

Epure Desks and tables Design: Emmanuel Dietrich Product information: desk, bench, meeting table, storage 13

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Catalogue Product Overview - 14

T_up 14 T_up is a comprehensive and cost-effective desk system designed for easy assembly into numerous configurations. Its storage options transform a simple desk into an efficient and integrated workspace. The central beam design allows for a variety of legs, including height adjustable options, meaning T_up can scale from a single desk to a workstation bench or even meeting tables.

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Catalogue Product Overview - 15

T_up Desks and tables Design: Haworth Design Studio Product information: desk, meeting table, leg styles: T-leg, bench-leg 15

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Catalogue Product Overview - 16

Tibas 16 The Tibas desk system benefits from a clear design which allows for integration into a wide range of office environments. It can easily integrate with other Haworth products to create the complete workstation. The desk top appears to float gently over the frame, and with extended solutions it is possible to share a single leg for two tops, saving space and cost. These solutions are ideal for long meeting and conference tables.

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Catalogue Product Overview - 17

Tibas Desks and tables Design: Haworth Design Studio Product information: desk, bench, meeting table 17

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Catalogue Product Overview - 18

a_con 18 The executive a_con desk merges elegance with intelligence, presenting a distinguished table with excellent cable management and integrated technology. You can furnish your whole executive office with a_con. The full range features: a circular side table; a stand-alone lectern and storage space including drawer units that can act as a table leg (load bearing pedestals), sideboards, shelves and cupboards.

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Catalogue Product Overview - 19

a_con Desks and tables Design: Albert Holz Product information: desk, pedestal, sideboard, side table, lectern 19

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Catalogue Product Overview - 20

a_con conference 20 a_con conference seamlessly integrates executive furniture and media technology while offering elegant and distinguished design. The a_con conference range consists of standard tables, both square and rectangular, but also includes tops with curved edges and even surfaces to create a completely circular arrangement. The diversity of configurations and elegant finishes ensures a solution to furnish any executive office or board room.

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Catalogue Product Overview - 21

a_con conference Desks and tables Design: Albert Holz Product information: meeting and conference table, pedestal, media cart as a mobile projecting solution, sideboard can house a motor driven projector screen, lectern 21

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Catalogue Product Overview - 22

Essence.2 Essence.2 Desks and tables Design: Haworth Design Studio Product information: desk, meeting table, pedestal, sideboard, cupboard, shelving, cabinet 22 Essence.2 is a managerial range, creating a professional atmosphere without distraction. The combination of real wood veneer and polished aluminium integrates classical design features with a modern and homely feel. The range consists of management desks and conference tables, easily supplemented with matching storage cabinets.

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Catalogue Product Overview - 23

Simplicity and clarity are the fundamental characteristics of the m_pro executive table. Whatever finish you choose, you can be sure that the wood, glass, leather and metal will merge into a harmonious ensemble to meet the highest standards. Product information: desk, meeting and conference tables, storage, lectern. m_pro m_pro Desks and tables Design: team form ag Product information: desk, storage shelf units, carts, sideboards, lecterns 23

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