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HAVER Architectural Mesh combines outstanding functionality with high aesthetic appeal, opening new perspectives in creative design and enabling fascinating architectural solutions for both interior and exterior applications. Haver & Boecker provides you with versatile advice during every phase of the project - from specific planning, through implementation accurate in every detail, right up to on-time installation. Clients from around the world rely on our proficiency, as demonstrated by creative collaboration with internationally renowned architects and the wide range of construction...

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Benefits at a glance: Individual design The diversity of mesh types, the widest range of colour options, and a wide selection of mounting solutions offer almost unlimited design FAÇADE DESIGN. possibilities. Natural ventilation The transparency of an architectural mesh allows natural ventilation. BRILLIANT IDEAS. The open area of the mesh can be adjusted to meet particular HAVER Architectural Mesh offers architects and planners a multitude of design options for exterior façades which combine sophisticated aesthetic features with a great many functions. Architectural wire mesh acts as...

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SIZE WITH FORMAT. FAÇADE SURFACES WITH A UNIFORM APPEARANCE. In many cases, architectural wire mesh can be tensioned over the full height of a façade. To do this, solid substructures absorbing significant loads such as pre-tension, wind and ice are only required at the building‘s upper and lower attachment points. This ensures significantly lower costs for substructures and installation compared to façade cladding with framed solutions. Depending on the size of the individual mesh elements, additional intermediate mountings fixed to each level of the building suffice. These reduce the...

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EFFECTIVE SUN PROTECTION. TRANSPARENCY FOR THE BEST INDOOR CLIMATE. Exterior sunlight protection with architectural mesh is significantly more effective compared to interior systems. In addition, the excellent protective effect is combined with a whole series of additional advantages and, not least, provides financial benefits by reducing energy costs for air conditioning. Incident solar radiation is optimally filtered and the warming of the façade significantly reduced. The transparency of the mesh enhances the façade‘s optical effect, and at the same time maintains the look of the...

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Excellent shading effect With a sunlight incidence angle of 60° and double glazing, most architectural mesh types achieve a reduction in transmitted solar energy of between 40% and 70%. In combination with corresponding sun protection glazing, they even achieve g-values of between 0.1 and 0.18 with the same incidence angle. The mesh type LARGO-TWIST 2045 specifically designed for sunlight protection goes even further. At a 60° sunlight incidence angle, the energy transmission is reduced by more than 90%. This allows a g-value of 0.02 in combination with sun protection glazing. EGLA-TWIN...

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Privacy during the day. EGLA-TWIN mesh façade, Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece. TRANSPARENCY AND PRIVACY. NEW INSIGHT INTO PERSPECTIVES. Architectural wire mesh forms a shimmering shell for buildings with its own style and elegant sun protection at the same time. Depending on the mesh type, the viewing angle, and the lighting conditions, the optical effect of stainless-steel wire mesh claddings is always varied. On the one hand it allows an unobstructed view of the outside world from inside, and on the other offers excellent privacy. Depending on the incidence of light, the material has a...

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Benefits at a glance: Painting of mesh elements (entire surface or partially) Painting of mesh elements allows the durability of a stainless-steel wire mesh to be combined with the wide range of shades available. In this respect, there are numerous metallic-effect shades available together with the well-known RAL colours. Application of logos Partially painted mesh elements. Los Angeles Police Department Car Park, USA. A partial painting allows corporate lettering or individual logos to be placed on the wire mesh façade and be visible from afar. Even large graphics can be set out on the...

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INDIVIDUAL GEOMETRIES. LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES. Illuminated Architectural Mesh provides a beautiful Architectural wire mesh can be adapted to geometrical shapes: The high degree of dimensional stability allows even larger transparent stainless steel façade by day and a areas and elements to be completed. From cubic to cylindrical forms, from orthogonal to freely designed elements, from vibrant veil of colour by night. During the day straight edges to precisely defined radii - creativity knows no bounds. the reflective properties of architectural mesh are especially appealing. At night the...

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BUILDING REDEVELOPMENT. OLD AND NEW IN CREATIVE CONTRAST. Architectural wire mesh is extremely suitable for renovating, upgrading or modernising existing buildings. As a modern design element, wire mesh acts to bring old and new together, whether as a second façade, as internal cladding, or as a decorative screen. Before and after cladding with HAVER Architectural Mesh on the Baden-Baden Congress House, Germany. Small wire mesh elements clad the old brick structure. Shands Children´s Hospital, Florida, USA. DOGLA-TRIO blends the newly added floor with the existing structure. Haver &...

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Safety Stainless-steel architectural wire mesh is particularly robust, stable and The transparency of architectural mesh durable. As façade cladding and allows it to act as a natural ventilation parapet or balustrade infill it is capable system. Costly ventilation systems can of providing effective fall protection. be dispensed with due to the open area of the mesh - this reduces not only energy costs, but also has a positive HAVER Architectural Mesh opens up impact on the environment. In addition, many options for individual and and assembly are significantly lower the open area of the...

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