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Deutschland Hansa Metallwerke AG Hauptverwaltung Sigmaringer Str. 107 70567 Stuttgart Tel.: +49 711 1614-0 Fax: +49 711 1614-455 E-Mail: technik@hansa.de Österreich Hansa Austria GmbH Rottfeld 7 Postfach 9 5013 Salzburg Tel.: +43 662 433 1000 Fax: +43 662 433 10020 E-Mail: office@hansa.at Bitte wählen Sie bei technischen Fragen unsere Hotline +49 711 1614-333 oder Faxnummer: +49 711 1614-455 Mo – Do 7.00 Uhr – 17.30 Uhr Fr 7.00 Uhr – 14.00 Uhr 099 1005 000 0312/5 · Printed in Germany · Änderungen und Irrtümer vorbehalten. MAINTENANCE GUIDE

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Top quality fittings - a worthwhile investment 11 Section 00.0 - Accessories 15 Section 01.0 - Bath rim systems - up to 2001 23 Section 02.0 - Bath rim systems - 2002 onwards 47 Section 03.1 - Surface-mounted one-hand mixers 105 Section 03.2 - Concealed one-hand mixers 123 Section 05.1 - Surface-mounted thermostats 177 Section 05.2 - Concealed thermostats 193 Section 06.0 - HANSAVARIO universal pre-fitted housings 215 Section 07.0 - HANSA accessories 219 Section 08.0 - Two-handle / pillar-type wall outlet valve 231 Section 09.0 - Two-handle taps 235 Section 1 0.0 - HANSAVAROX 269...

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Quality is easy to promise – but it may turn out to be an empty promise in practice. Test marks and precise details of quality controls are a good guide to the right choice of product.

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Test marks Hansa fittings satisfy all the requirements of the pertinent standards (DIN, DVGW). Our products are in the lowest noise level class and the plastic parts coming into contact with water have been given KTW (plastics in drinking water) approval. Constant checks and test procedures relating to noise emissions, operation and durability ensure consistently high quality standards. For example: Our endurance test involves 200.000 on/off and hot/cold operating cycles. UV radiation is employed to check the light fastness of the light-fast powder coatings used.

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Warranty is good to have but hopefully never needed. Bargains sometimes prove to be a false economy: If washers start to leak and replacement parts are soon out of stock, the only answer may be expensive repair work or even a whole new fitting. HANSACANYON contents

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There is no real need for a warranty for top quality fittings. So the best manufacturers can afford to be generous: Hansa for example guarantee all their products for two years, essential components for a whole five years and certain functional elements for up to five years. Hansa also guarantee the continued availability of all replacement parts for up to ten years after discontinuation of the product.

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We conduct seminars on our current range at our regional Hansa centres. We would also be pleased to arrange seminars on your premises and can offer special training courses to suit your particular requirements. For details of dates and route maps etc. please visit us on: www.hansa.de/Fachpartner/Schulung. We look forward to hearing from you. BURGLENGENFELD • STUTTGART

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Pleased to meet you: our team of training experts. The engineers, sales professionals and marketing specialists in our training team are all proven experts in their own fields. Thanks to their wealth of knowledge and experience of handling seminars and workshops, they are ideally qualified to deal with all training situations. Brigitte Sießer, Karsten Gerhardt, Helmut Kumpfmüller, Georg Friedrichs, Barbara Weiß

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2 mm Allen key 2.5 mm Allen key 4 mm Allen key 2 mm hexagon screwdriver 2.5 mm hexagon screwdriver 3 mm hexagon screwdriver 4 mm hexagon screwdriver 13 mm / 17 mm /19 mm quick-fit wrench 13 mm / 45 mm / 50 mm hexagon ring spanner 38 mm / 41 mm hexagon ring spanner 30 mm / 34 mm hexagon ring spanner Bushing extractor Assembly key for tamper-proof aerator HANSADESIGNO assembly key Assembly and aerator key HANSANOVA pillar and wall valve M 16.5 x 1 Cachee key M 18.5 Cachee key M 21.5 x 1 Cachee key M 24 x 1 Cachee key Heavy-duty grease Grease sachet Legionella flushing set (30/34 mm, 45/50 mm...

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Bath rim systems - disassembling shower hose Unscrew the hand shower head from the shower hose (1). Unscrew the cover plate (2). Pull out the defective shower hose. Attention! Remove the bearing shells as well (3). Support the high-pressure hose and unscrew the shower hose (4). Fit a new shower hose and feed it back in. Take care to position the two shells correctly when doing so. The collar must face upwards (3). Screw on the cover plate and hand shower head (2/1).

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Disassembling bath pillar spout if leaking 1992 onwards Unscrew the pull knob (1). Remove the 2.5 mm stud (2). Lift off the bath pillar spout (3). Fit a complete new set of seals, order no. 59 910 121. Make sure the lip seal is always correctly positioned (4). Re-install in the reverse order of removal. Attention! The brass bearing shell must be fitted with the tapered side facing the seal (4). Check operation and check for leaks If water emerges at the hand shower head, the extension supplied (5) must be fitted. With bath rim systems up to 1991 the diverter cannot be dismantled, it has to...

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Removing the entire diverter 1992 onwards Refer to page 19 for disassembly of the bath pillar spout. Remove the brass bearing shell and spring (5). The M 4 nut (6) only serves as a transportation safeguard and is to be removed on assembly. Slacken off the bolt (7). Insert the narrow end of the assembly key and screw out the spout holder (8 - 10). Fine thread (as many as 20 turns required for removal!) Turning the threaded sleeve pulls the square section upwards (spout holder). Insert the broad end of the assembly key in the threaded sleeve and screw out the threaded sleeve (11). Pull out...

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Tile rim system - height adjustment Height adjustment involves slackening off / re-tightening the locking screws on the left and right of the Compact system in the specified sequence. Unfasten the 19 mm locking nut (1). Slacken off by 2 turns - do not completely unscrew. Unfasten the 10 mm nut (2). Slacken off by 2 turns - do not completely unscrew. Tapping firmly with a plastic-headed hammer releases the locking mechanism (3). Set the required height (490 - 650 mm) (4). Align with a spirit level (5). Re-tighten the 10 mm nut (6). Re-fasten the 19 mm nut (7)!

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