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Inspired living Haier Europe Trading Westgate House, Westgate, Ealing, Haier Television 2012 HAIER LED Television Catalogue Inspired living

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Haier France 115,123 Avenue Charles de Gaulle 92200 Neuilly sur Seine Phone +33 173794800 - Fax +33 147383471 het_france@haiereurope.com Haier Deutschland GmbH Hewlett-Packard-StraBe 4 – D-61352 Bad Homburg Phone +49 6172 9454-0 - Fax +49 6172 9454-499 info-de@haiereurope.com Haier Spain Salvador Espriu n.59, 1st oor, door 1-2a 08005 Barcelona Phone +34 902503330 - Fax +34 902503340 het_spain@haiereurope.com Haier UK Haier has been providing customers with high quality products for the past 28 years. It all started in Qingdao, China with a credo based on delivering products of high quality...

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LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology provides you with the highest quality pictures thanks to the LEDs placed all around the entire screen. LED backlight televisions do not require as much space as conventional LCD TVs and thus allow for a thinner screen. 1080 horizontal lines of vertical resolution and progressive scan. Full Satellite, Cable or Terrestrial broadcast from HDTV sources such as set-top boxes, HD DVD or Blu-ray Mega Contrast Haier LED Backlight Technology enhances the dynamic contrast of the screen display up to 6 Mega which is considerably higher than that of CCFL displays....

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Ultra Slim Design Haier LED Backlight TV has an ultra slim design measuring 0.3cm deep across the front bezel edge of the TV and about 3cm at the thickest part of the television. Haier LED TV's have a rounded front with a very attractive sleek and slim look. Your TV is transformed into a piece of art whilst hanging on your wall. Ultra Slim Bezel Design Haier TVs are even more refined with a "Super Slim Bezel Design", which combines an LED Screen with an Ultra-slim bezel, reducing clutter and delivering a truly breath-taking experience. An ultra-thin frame allows you to become a player and...

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Haier's Z18 series is the perfect mix between design and perfection. Available in a large screen size, it is the perfect addition to any living room. With its ultra-slim bezel, its glass stand and crystal neck, you will be able to maximise your immersive entertainment experience and your Haier TV will fit seamlessly into any environment. Its large screen size, ranging from 39 to 46 inches, will reinforce your viewing experience. You will enjoy being absorbed by such a big image! • Time Shift • Power-off button

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Ultra slim both in terms of its depth and frame, the T1000 series, in a very elegant black glossy finish, easily fits into any interior space. It is Available in 4 Full HD formats, 26" are HD Ready. The 32" (81cm) and 42" (106cm) models include the latest technology for improved image sharpness: Haier F2R allows you to reach a very fast refresh rate. With 3 HDMI ports, connecting your devices to your TV is Time shift, The T1000 series is also available in smaller sizes, perfect for also have some models available with an integrated DVD player for optimal space and ease of use. • Time Shift...

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C800 series LED • • • • D-LED LED Back-lit SLIM LCD TV DVB-T/C 1920*1080 FHD(39"42"46"50") 1366*768(32") Resolution F2R100(32") or F2R200(39"42"46"50") 4xMEGA Contrast 2xHDMI Time shift Haier presents the C800 series, the new series of Full HD D-LED TV. The highest quality video with F2R200 scanning, combined with a rened design, makes this TV perfect for the living room and for viewing any type of video content. 11 12

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The new C470 series is a new range of LED panels that brings together the purity of glossy white design and LED Full HD quality images. The "Power-off' button is located on the back of the television, allowing the screen to be completely turned off, reducing the energy wastage. These screens fit easily into any living space where white is a prominent colour, such as a kitchen or a bedroom. • Full Hotel Mode • Time shift,

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•Ultra Slim bezel design •Visible Screen size inch: 46" •Slim bezel design •Visible Screen size inch: 42" (LET42T1OO0HF) /32" •3D Digital Comb Filter •DNR (digital noise reduction) •Multiple Picture Modes •3D Digital Comb Filter •DNR (digital noise reduction) •Multiple Picture Modes •Child/parent Lock •Hotel mode •EPG - Electronic Program Guide •Multiple Sound Modes 'Mute •Built-in speakers output RMS (W): 2*10W •TimeShift/USB Recorder •USB clone/USB play back •Child/parent Lock •Hotel mode •EPG - Electronic Program Guide •Multiple Sound Modes -Mute •Time Shift/USB Recorder •USB clone/USB...

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