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Inspired living Made from design, made from innovation

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Haier Inspired living At Haier, we offer Inspired living solutions to our customers. We continually push the boundaries of innovation and design in order to satisfy their ever-evolving needs. Inspired living means empowering each and every one of our customers to lead a modern, affordable and sustainable lifestyle. As a global brand, we recognise that this philosophy must come from within, which is why we aim to create and develop products that meet the highest standards of quality and durability. Haier draws its inspiration from the customer and combines it with three decades of...

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Haier The world leader $20 Billion According to the leading business intelligence firm Euromonitor International, Haier is the number one brand of Major Appliances In worldwide sales in the world with a 6.1% retail volume share in 2010*. It also ranks number one for several of its product ranges including refrigeration appliances, home laundry appliances and electric Haier has posted consistent growth over the last three wine cellars. decades, achieving a record turnover of $20.7 Billion in 2010. Haier employs more than 70,000 people worldwide and its Continual analysis and revision of our...

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Haier’s European operations Present in 30 countries, Haier’s European operations are extensive. A Global Brand Our regional headquarters are located in France, whilst research, design and development centres can be found in Italy and Germany. With local operations Italy also serves as a manufacturing facility. Haier is a worldwide brand with a strong focus on local management and production. Haier branches and local offices exist within France, Germany, Italy, The group has three regional headquarters: Paris in Europe, New York in the U.S. and Spain, Russia and the UK. Our products are...

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Milestones 1984 to date 1984 Haier Group is founded in Qingdao, China – with a commitment to quality as its cornerstone. 1999 Haier opens a factory in South Carolina, U.S. initiating production in America. 2001 Haier acquires the Italian Meneghetti Refrigerator Company in Campodoro, Italy initiating European production. 2002 Haier products achieve an A+ for energy conservation. Haier’s refrigerators are amongst the first A+ energy rated products introduced into the European market. development programme in place to become a major European 2004 Haier refrigerators win the German iF Design...

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Quality Innovation At Haier, quality is the foundation upon which the brand’s Haier’s mission to offer inspired living to its customers is made reputation is built. Three key pillars make up this sturdy possible by constant innovation. Development, with more than foundation: 7,000 dedicated innovators worldwide. This has resulted in 9,258 patents so far; with hundreds more patent applications Service Quality every year. Haier has amassed 2,532 certified inventions and Guaranteed customer satisfaction and service excellence 589 intellectual property rights. To lead from the front, one are...

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Performance In all areas Haier harnesses its technological and innovative capabilities to enhance performance in efficiency, usability, energy consumption Corporate Social Responsibility For a better tomorrow and hygiene. A Human Company In 2011, Haier demonstrated its prowess in performance by Haier is above all a human company, seeking to promote the well- successfully passing all of the tests organised by a pan-European being and happiness of its customers and collaborators alike. commission to determine energy efficiency, technical quality and cost effectiveness, whereas 57% of...

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Digital Communications For an immersive experience Marketing Haier’s online presence is established thanks to key platforms such as the haier.com website, its Virtual Showroom as well Across all media as its online social networks with vibrant Facebook pages in all major markets. Haier deploys intensive efforts to build its brand equity. Marketing initiatives are undertaken to support brand awareness and reinforce the dynamic image of Haier in the home appliances and electronics markets. We adopt a targeted multi-channel strategy to optimise the visibility and the attractiveness of the...

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Advertising Tradeshows & Events For product launches In order to ensure proximity with our local markets, Haier is present at major consumer and professional trade shows such as IFA in Germany, CES in the U.S., Canton Fair in China, Foire de Paris in France, Medpi in Monaco In order to maximise the impact of every product launch, Haier and Casa Décor in Spain. creates integrated pan-European campaigns that are led by break the rules KNIGHTWORKS strong creative work with a coherent visual identity. These ideas are then developed across all media to engage with a variety of My Arty Zone Haier...

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Refrigerators Sleek & sophisticated As the world’s leading refrigerator brand, Haier products reflect style and convenience. Ranging from large American style to compact under counter refrigerators, there’s a perfect match for every customer. Designed to be stylish and functional, the Haier Glass Design® range is a case in point. The sleek, glossy finish complements any home interior whilst their No Frost technology and A+ energy rating mean they satisfy even The Luxury of Choice the most discerning customer demands. Haier appreciates that everyone is different. Our goal is to meet the...

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Televisions Simply brilliant Washing Not only clean, but smart Design and visual experience are essential to us. Haier focuses on producing state-of-the-art television sets with LED technology. These televisions are equipped with the latest technological innovations exceeding industry standards. Haier offers a wide range of sizes, from 19” to 55”, to fit any small room or large common area. Dishwashers Increasing performance does not have to mean greater Haier is driven by customer satisfaction and strives to provide energy consumption. Haier dishwashers feature a customers with televisions...

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