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hanit® Recycled Products the clever solution CONTENTS HAHN Kunststoffe GmbH » 20 year warranty

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THE CLEVER ALTERNATIVE TO WOOD AND CONCRETE hanit® RECYCLED PLASTIC MADE IN GERMANY Each material has its advantages. Unfortunately, they also have their drawbacks. Wood, for example, is attractive but it can't withstand the rain and cold for long. Time-consuming maintenance helps, but wood can't last forever. Concrete is very durable but it's just too heavy for many applications. Concrete is difficult to transport and as years go by, dirt and water marks take their toll. It can also crack in cold weather and flake. Steel, on the other hand, is incredibly versatile but you have to think...

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hanit® Recycled Products the clever solution A game fence and its posts have to satisfy very high demands. It has to resist extreme strain and may neither splinter nor rot. Furthermore, toxic impregnation agents are taboo. The right case for hanit®. Game fences made out of this sustainable material are weather-resistant, rot-and splinter-proof and extremely long-lasting - without impregnation and maintenance. » Lengths: depending on the model between 85 and 290 cm » Easy mounting of cramps » Posts never needs to be replaced again » Running repairs with single posts possible M Standard D...

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WILDLIFE PROTECTION FENCE SAFETY FINGERPOS ► Leupoldstein / Betzenstein FunJ«g Bant** Row**

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hanit® Recycled Products the clever solution TIVOLI SET Ideal for any circumstances The Tivoli set is easy to spot: the backless bench and table share the same stylish leg elements and the bench has a light and decorative look. Available in four different colour variations, the Tivoli is sure to look good, whatever the setting. »» Dimensions (W x D x H): 150 x 205 x 80 cm and 200 x 205 x 80 cm »» Large colour selection Brown Grey-Green »» Fits into many surroundings »» Optional: Ground anchor type 1 and arm rest Grey-Blue Grey-Red BAVARIA SET The rustic set One look at the Bavaria set and...

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CALERO SET The modern one Take the exit, take a rest, just relax, take a bite to eat – every traveler enjoys to sit down at Calero set. And as you eat with your eyes: this weatherproofed, robust set is available in 5 different color combinations. With their straightforward design the tables and benches fit harmoniously into any rest- and service area. »» Dimensions (W x D x H): 150 x 180 x 75 cm »» Clean shape »» Modern design Grey Brown Black Black-Grey »» Cubism hanit® style »» Optional: Ground anchor type 1 (bench) and type 2 (table) EIFEL SET The set with straight lines The Eifel bench...

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hanit® Recycled Products the clever solution SERENGETI SET The versatile picnic bench The Serengeti picnic bench is all about the group dynamic. This sturdy bench/table combination is perfect for places wherever people get together, chat and mingle outdoors. »» Dimensions (W x D x H): 180 x 174 x 76 cm and 200 x 174 x 76 cm »» Version available with wheelchair table extension »» Optional: Ground anchor type 3 Brown Grey-Green Grey-Blue Grey-Red PICCADILLY BENCH Classic and elegant The stylish Piccadilly is the classic park bench. Available in lengths of 150 cm or 200 cm, the Piccadilly is...

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SUTTON BENCH Modern shape, traditional charm The distinctive sledge-runner shape of the legs makes the Sutton a real eye-catcher. It’s an obviously modern design but it doesn’t lose touch with traditional charm. The Sutton always looks good, even as part of a seating group and comes in three different sizes. »» Dimensions (W x D x H): 150 x 60 x 80 cm, 200 x 60 x 80 cm and 240 x 60 x 80 cm »» Seat height: 45 cm »» Optional: Ground anchor type 1 and arm rest GROUND ANCHOR Security for your seating Prevent benches and bench/table sets from being stolen with a hanit® ground anchor. Our anchors...

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hanit® Recycled Products the clever solution BENCH PLANKS / SEATING ELEMENTS Versatile and robust – for flexible solutions It does not always have to be a new bench. hanit® bench planks transform concrete bases, U-stones and gabions into comfortable seating accommodations. And they are the perfect solution for the replacement of wooden planks. Everlasting, as hanit® does not rot. This is why our bench planks and seating elements are the most beneficial solution in the long run. »» Weather resistant, no maintenance »» Adaptable to virtually any environment (available as single plank or as...

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MUSCARI PLANTER Strong and substantial Planters need to be tough, especially if they’re intended to beautify public spaces. Not only can weather, birds, animals and the plants themselves take their toll, they can often be the targets for vandalism. The Muscari is especially solid and substantial. Available in three colours. »» Dimensions (LxWxH): 130 x 60 x 50 cm »» 3 different colours Grey Brown Black

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hanit® Recycled Products the clever solution BOLLARDS With or without reflector strips Solid, robust, eye-catching – hanit® bollards are permanent helpers in the public area. As solidly-fixed “marshals” they establish landmarks, protect green areas and trees, direct the traffic into the desired direction and provide greater security. Depending on the intended purpose and the environment they are available in different diameters/ profile dimensions (12-20 cm) and head shapes. Grey »» Weather and rot resistant »» Attractive design for urban environments »» Sustainable production,...

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LITTER BINS Problems with garbage? We have the solution. We have the knowledge about collection and recycling of raw material since many years. You can even suggest, that waste disposal is one of our core competences. That is the reason why we have a well sorted product line of waste bins, which are almost indestructible over long periods. We offer you solutions in different sizes, shapes and designs - certainly some will fit for your application. »» Volume: from 50 to 130 liters »» Height: from 50 to 100 cm »» With and without wire basket »» Square and round forms »» One model with lid...

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