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hanit® Recycled Products | Guaranteed Quality ALL YEAR ROUND OUTDOOR ADVENTURERS ( ] hanit® RECYCLED PLASTIC MADE IN GERMANY When children and toddlers play, they use all their senses. Little ones put things in their mouths, older children look for maximum excitement and teenagers push things to the limit. That's why materials used for outdoor equipment and playgrounds need to meet the highest specifications. Every material has its weakness. Wood soon rots when exposed to the elements - unless you spend time and money on maintenance. Splinters can cause nasty...

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hanit® Recycled Products | Guaranteed Quality OGEE PALISADE Creatively design surfaces hanit® ogee palisades are designed for edging. Playing fields, sandboxes, paths, flowerbeds or ponds, they can survive all kinds of weather and do not rot or splinter. They’re made without any hazardous chemicals, are non-toxic, non-polluting, maintenancefree, easy to handle and don’t require any heavy equipment. » Lengths: depending on the diameter from 40 cm to 250 cm » Diameter: from 10 cm to 20 cm (colours depend on the lengths) » Available in solid or hollow profiles depending on the lengths » More...

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hanit® Recycled Products | Guaranteed Quality RECTANGULAR PALISADE New geometry, simply chic Who says edging is boring? hanit® palisades bring definition to a tired garden or untidy park and they come in a variety of shapes and colors. They’re lighter than concrete which makes them cheaper to transport and quicker to install. They’re also easier to work with and don’t need any specialized equipment. » Lengths: depending on the version from 40 cm to 150 cm » Profile dimensions: 12 x 16 cm and 16 x 24 cm (colours depend on the version) Colours ROUND PALISADE DECKING Anti-slip surface Solid...

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hanit® Recycled Products | Guaranteed Quality DAHNA SANDBOX Circle in the square Are those tree trunks? The look of the palisades gives Dahna the appearance of belonging in a forest playground. This sandbox with seating wins you over not only through its natural shape, the simplified assembly as well as the colours will please children right away. » Size: 200 cm in the square » Height: 28 cm » 2 seat rests: 4 x 17 cm » Easy assembly (pre-assembled) SAHARA SANDBOX Colours for the colourful world of children Distinctive boat shape The Sahara sandbox is available in two sizes and four colour...

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hanit® Recycled Products | Guaranteed Quality NAMIB SANDBOX Simple, square and practical The Namib is the classic sandbox: square, a solid base and a wide sitting edge. There’s lots of space for kids to play and let their imaginations run free. Parents and (kindergarten) teachers have no need to worry about splinters, rusty edges or even harmful chemicals – hanit® is completely non-toxic and free from hazardous preservatives. » Sizes: 200, 300, 400 and 500 cm in the square » Height: 31 cm » Side profiles: 9 x 9 cm Colour MOJAVE SANDBOX THAR SANDBOX SYSTEM Eight corners in three sizes The...

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hanit® Recycled Products | Guaranteed Quality MUD TABLE Splinter-free fun for years to come Kids love playing with sand and water but when you mix this combination with wood, the fun doesn’t last for long. Wood weathered quickly and splintered. hanit® mud tables are much more durable. They won’t weather, splinter or rot. What’s more, our tables are easy to assemble and have endless combinations. » Elements are also available individually » With matching pump platform (Pump not included) » Few individual parts » Does not contain any preservatives » Permanent playing fun WITH SYSTEM SPIRAL...

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hanit® Recycled Products | Guaranteed Quality DA R E T O C R E AT E Posts, palisades, profiles, boards, beams and sheets – add a little imagination and these staple building products become spectacular playgrounds and play equipment. From barefoot paths to water playgrounds, hanit® has virtually limitless playground potential. HAHN Kunststoffe GmbH | For more information visit » www.

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hanit® Recycled Products | Guaranteed Quality PIPPOLINO CHILDREN'S BENCH The bench that grows with you It is of course possible to sit still on this bench – but which child does! It is much more fun to draw on the bench. “Pippolino” even has a face to colour on (the chalk can easily be washed off). When toddlers become “wobbly teeth-kids”, this bench will still be with them. They grow together, as the bench is adjustable in height. » Seat board: 138 x 19 x 4 cm Back board: 138 x 17 x 4 cm » Dimensions (WxDxH): 150 x 68 x 70 cm » Seat height: 25 or 34 cm » Safe thanks to rounded edges CALERO...

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hanit® Recycled Products | Guaranteed Quality COOL KIDS COLLODI SKATER BENCH For sitting, leaning or chilling Down at the skate park, practicing the latest flips and kicks and hanging with your friends – the Collodi bench is perfect for scene like this. Tough and splinter-free, the Collodi is specially developed for skaters who want to take a break, lean back and dangle their legs. » Width: 200 cm » To be secured to the ground » Seat board: 200 x 27.5 x 6.5/5.5 cm » Seat height: 78 cm » Even skaters need a break occasionally TREMEZZO YOUTH BENCH For sitting on the backrest Sitting on a park...

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hanit® Recycled Products | Guaranteed Quality PICCADILLY BENCH Classic and elegant The stylish Piccadilly is the classic park bench. Available in lengths of 150 cm or 200 cm, the Piccadilly is at home in almost any setting. For a splash of colour, the neutral grey base can be combined with black, blue, green or red boards. Also available in all brown. » Widths: 200 cm and 150 cm » Sieat height: 45 cm » Great colour choices (depending on the widths) TRAFALGAR SQUARE BENCH A timeless classic With the Trafalgar Square bench, we re-interpreted the classic park bench using modern materials....

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