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hanit® RECYCLED PLASTIC PRODUCTS Guaranteed Quality

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General terms and conditions .. 138 For more information go to » www.hanit

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The company is founded and based at the former US Hahn Air Baseport, Germany, as part of a decommissioning project. Establish a processing plant and begin contracting work for the German Dual System. Start production and marketing of pasture posts and floor mats. Acquisition of the plastics recycling division of Dr. Spiess KunststoffRecycling GmbH & Co. in Kleinkarlbach, Germany. Expansion of production facilities by two extruders, allowing for production of street furniture, cover plates and noise barriers. In early 1997, machinery consists of one extruder, two injection moulding machines...

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A MAN AND HIS VISION IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF ULRICH KOSSIN Ulrich Kossin spent much of his career as the head of an accounting practice in Vreden, Westphalia. His insight into business gave him a unique view of a changing world. By the early 1990s, he realised that some of the best investment opportunities lay in future-oriented companies. When packaging legislation was introduced in Germany in 1991, Ulrich Kossin saw the potential for an exciting new business sector. He took a leap of faith and founded HAHN Kunststoffe GmbH in 1993. The new company was based in Hunsrück, more than 180 miles...

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Processing capacity per year throughout the whole HAHN Group. Production of 56,000 t recycled plastic products annually. That’s the same as six Eiffel Towers! 37 kg In Western industrialised countries, every person generates approx. 37 kg of plastic packaging waste. 100% Recyclable secondary plastics hanit® products are 100% recyclable as raw material.

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LET’S TALK RUBBISH > 2,000 Products in the HAHN range Founded in 1993, HAHN is a recycling pioneer. We may have started as idealists but we’ve worked hard to become market leaders and experts in our field. With such extensive experience and as a partner of the waste management industry, we produce high-quality products out of 66,000 t plastic packaging waste. We know that up to 50% of the material we recycle would normally be incinerated. We’re careful not to waste natural resources too – for example, we don’t use water to clean our waste plastic. Over the years, we’ve used our processing...

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WHERE'S THE CATCH? THERE ISN'T ONE. WHAT MAKES HANIT® UNIQUE? Each material has its advantages. Unfortunately, they also have their drawbacks. Wood, for example, is attractive but it can't withstand the rain and cold for long. Time-consuming maintenance helps but wood can't last forever. Concrete is very durable but it's too heavy for many applications. Concrete is difficult to transport and as years go by, dirt and water marks take their toll. It can also crack in cold weather and flake. Steel on the other hand, is incredibly versatile but it rusts - and stainless steel is expensive. New...

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BEAUTIFUL PATIOS, DURABLE POSTS 2,000 QUALIT Y PRODUC TS hanit® has many advantages. It’s weather-resistant, chemicalresistant and splinter-free. It’s also maintenance-free which makes it unbeatable when comparing price with performance. The uses for hanit® are virtually unlimited. It’s no wonder that over 2,000 products now bear the hanit® name. Its uses include: patios, planters or palisades for horticulture and landscaping; street furniture for the public realm; flooring, panels and profiles for industrial construction; mud tables for playgrounds; or posts for pasture fencing and paddock...

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HAHN Kunststoffe GmbH |

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hanit® has always been synonymous with strength and durability. It handles stress perfectly and is ideal for tough everyday applications. With or without reinforcement, hanit® products are extremely durable. But what about those profiles that are subjected to extreme stress and the toughest conditions? Take a look at hanit® Ultra the strongest of all hanit® formulations. hanit® Ultra’s specially developed formulation is both unique and exceptional. Its combination of high quality polyolefins and other additives gives it outstanding strength. The tensile strength and the elasticity...

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INNOVATING, TIME AND AGAIN! NEW IDEAS FOR USED PLASTICS Do we just melt down a few yoghurt pots and make a park bench? It’s not that easy. HAHN Kunststoffe GmbH is a high-tech company. This means investing in research and development and constantly upgrading our machinery and laboratory equipment. We also make sure that our product range is not limited to just a few standard lines. We currently offer more than 2,000 products and we owe much of this to our customers. They are always making suggestions, proposing modifications, asking for variations and coming up with ideas. Our product range...

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01 BUILDING AND CONSTRUCTION Projects that last forever. Imagine a construction project with a building material that’s easy to use, splinter-free and available in the dimensions you need. Imagine striking the right balance between price and performance with a material that is strong, durable and reliable. Welcome to working with hanit® – the maintenance-free, weather-resistant and rot-resistant material that pays off year after year after year. Finished parts, panels, walls, floors and profiles – everything made with hanit® shares the same characteristics. Our material is superior to...

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STRUCTURE AND DESIGN Whether flower beds, ponds, lawns, playgrounds, paths or slopes - our palisades offer definition and structure to gardens and park areas. The sand stays in the sandbox, the soil stays in the bed, the gravel stays on the path and the slope won‘t slip away. As our palisades are made from hanit®, working with them is easy. They’re approx. 65% lighter than comparable concrete products and can be installed easily without heavy equipment. And unlike wood, hanit® will never rot. Imagine that! RECTANGULAR PALISADE Longer-lasting than wood, lighter than concrete, low...

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