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UniPlay Obstacle Course - 2

Take on the challenge with our obstacle course combinations or create your own track using our range of challenging and exciting obstacles. A fun way to exercise outdoors in a natural environment while improving upper and lower body strength, dexterity, balance and coordination. With the two levels of difficulty featured in all our obstacles, adults and children can take part, practice, improve their skills and ultimately compete with a friend. Are you ready to take on the challenge? • Each obstacle offers two colour coded tracks: the red track offers a higher level of difficulty and the...

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UniPlay Obstacle Course - 5

Roman Rings Hang out at the Roman Rings with a friend and compete with each other to reach the other side without letting go. With two levels of difficulty, everyone can take part, practice and advance to the next level. Perfect for developing upper body strength and coordination. Crawling Tubes The Crawling Tubes provide users with different ways of movement. Crawling is a great technique to challenge, stimulate and develop the user’s proprioceptive system as they contract and stretch their muscles in different ways.

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UniPlay Obstacle Course - 6

Monkey Bars No monkey business for competitors who take on the Monkey Bars! With an easy and difficult level everyone can practice and develop their skills together. Perfect for improving upper body strength and coordination. Climb up, over and down the A Frame as quick as you can and improve your time each time you do it. The A Frame provides risk and challenge, excitement and different ways of moving, helping to develop motor skills such as balance, coordination, strength and dexterity.

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UniPlay Obstacle Course - 7

How quick can you go over and under the hurdle? Jumping over and crawling under the hurdles are equally challenging and requires different techniques and ways of moving. Once you’ve mastered the easy level, you can test your skills on the difficult side. Compete with a friend to see who can go over and under in record time! Drop to the ground and crawl as quick as you can under the net to reach the other side. This is a challenging yet exciting way of moving. Perfect for developing strength and coordination. The Net Crawl also provides a great space for resting before doing it all over again!

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UniPlay Obstacle Course - 8

Floating Steps Ready to take the floating challenge? Improve your balance and coordination skills with the Floating Steps. Speed through the steps as fast as you can without falling. Whether you choose the easy or difficult side, both levels are challenging and require concentration. Climb Walk Test your balance and coordination skills on the Climb Walk as you go from rope to rope without letting go. You can practice and improve your skills on the easier side before you challenge yourself on the difficult section. If you let go, you must start from the beginning!

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UniPlay Obstacle Course - 9

Can you climb up and over the Net Climb in record time? The two levels of difficulty are both challenging and require strength, coordination and balance. Great for improving dexterity and developing the proprioceptive system. Rope Climb Will you choose to climb up the ladder or rope? Whichever you decide you are sure to develop your upper and lower body strength, improve your grip and muscle control. The Rope Climb is challenging but rewarding once you reach the top and hit the bell!

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UniPlay Obstacle Course - 10

Rope Balance Can you make it across the Rope Balance without holding onto the hand grips? Avoid falling off as you improve your balance every time you practice and, before you know it, you will be able to walk across the rope without holding on. Climbing Wall With two levels of difficulty, the Climbing Wall is perfect for everyone to develop their climbing skills while experiencing risk and challenge. Compete with a friend and climb up the steep wall using the hand grips and back down the other side without losing your concentration!

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UniPlay Obstacle Course - 11

Rope Swing Feel like Tarzan as you grab the rope and swing your body to the other side. Make sure you let go of the rope in time or you will end up at the start once again! The Rope Swing offers a great fun upper body workout which requires strength and coordination. Balance Beams Test your balance as you make your way along the varied height Balance Beams. Fall and you must start from the beginning. There are two levels of difficulty so that everyone can take part. These are perfect for improving balance and core body strength.

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UniPlay Obstacle Course - 12

Ninja Steps Ninja Steps is all about accuracy and speed. With two levels of difficulty everyone can get involved and improve their skills to become the ultimate Ninja! See our extensive range at:

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UniPlay Obstacle Course - 13

Are you ready for the Apollo challenge? Climb, crawl, hang and swing like Tarzan through the four challenging obstacles to reach the finish line and become the Apollo master! Over & Under Roman Rings Rope Swing The question is, who will you challenge? Take your mark, get set, go! Race across six obstacles with a friend as you balance through beams, crawl under the net and show off your ninja skills on the Ninja Steps to be crowned the Athena winner. But remember, don’t look back or you will lose your concentration! Who will make it to the finish line first? Balance Beams Monkey Bars...

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UniPlay Obstacle Course - 14

Hera Have you got what it takes to take on the Hera challenge? There are 10 obstacles to tackle, from climbing and crawling to jumping and swinging, you will need to use your strength, coordination and balance to make it to the finish line. Rope Climb Over Under Monkey Bars Ninja Steps Rope Swing Balance Beams Climb Walk Zeus Take on the ultimate challenge! The Zeus obstacle course has a whopping 15 obstacles to tackle, from climbing and swinging to crawling and hanging, this challenge will test your upper and lower body strength, coordination, balance, concentration and competitiveness....

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UniPlay Obstacle Course - 15

Wood • Our laminated wooden posts are composed of three sections joined together, a method that increases strength and reduces cracking • 10 year warranty HPL • High Pressure Laminate is durable with high resistance to scratching, heat, damp and stains Steel • Zinc-epoxy coated which provides corrosion protection and finished with polyester powder colour which gives a smooth look and long lasting quality • 25 year warranty UniPlay Obstacle Course has an anchoring system that is designed for durability. The patented pole mounting structure lifts the unit above the ground to protect all...

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