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HAGS 2017 Product Brochure

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Product catalogue 2017 - 6

Inspiring all generations HAGS has been designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing commercial recreational equipment for over 60 years. As an integral part of the global leader PlayPower Inc, the business supplies play, sports and fitness, park and urban, marine and shade equipment around the world. We have operating companies in the UK, Sweden, Germany, France, Spain and Denmark and a global network of authorised distributors in other markets. During 2017, our new purpose built manufacturing facility, based in Poland, will be fully operational enabling the business to continue the...

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Product catalogue 2017 - 7

Our History HAGS was founded in Sweden in 1948 with a mission to make the world a better place by providing outdoor play equipment for children – a mission we still live up to through the range of products we design and manufacture today. 1948 • Founded by Mr. Hultgren, Andersson and Gustavsson 1950s • Focused on design, function and production • Started to develop park and urban furniture 1960s • Began using durable materials and steel • Worked alongside well-known industrial designers 1970s • Implemented natural materials and colours into products • Worked alongside landscape architects,...

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Product catalogue 2017 - 8

Our Philosophy In developing our products we take into consideration: Safety Analysis has showed us that accidents are more likely to happen on equipment that has not been suitably tested. Our product development is based on international research and published standards. EN 1176: All of our play products are designed and manufactured in accordance with European safety standards for playground equipment. We have embraced the standards on design, function, play value and safety for as long they have existed. All of our fitness products are designed and manufactured in accordance with...

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Product catalogue 2017 - 10

Our Approach Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Being one of the leading manufacturers of outdoor equipment, we take environmental issues very seriously. We have always been mindful of our surroundings and for many years we have been using metal free oil impregnation avoiding the use of heavy metals. We also set objectives to manufacture and sell our products using the latest methods to minimise the impact on the planet. How does HAGS contribute to a better environment? In 1997, we were certified according to ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System). We understand that...

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Product catalogue 2017 - 12

Early years/Young peopleSports Fitness Outdoor Fitness Multi-Use Games Areas Our comprehensive range of play products includes everything from solo units to modular play systems that will provide endless fun and excitement for children. Our large range of Multi-Use Games Areas are designed for people and teams of all ages wanting to play and enjoy various ball sports. We offer a wide range of fitness units and bundle packages to encourage physical activity for all abilities. Park and UrbanInspirational outdoor spacesShadeProtection from the sun Our park and urban furniture range includes...

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Product catalogue 2017 - 14

Play The importance of play At HAGS, we use knowledge of the value of play and put it into practice by creating innovative and exciting products. Whether it be climbing, sliding, swinging, crawling… we want our products to entice activity and contribute to the development of young people’s physical and mental wellbeing. Research Extensive research on the importance of physical activity for children shows that they develop essential fine and gross motor skills and learn to build strength, stamina and coordination through play. Daily physical activity can improve both mental wellbeing and...

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Product catalogue 2017 - 15

HAGS Play Values Our play values illustrate the benefits our products can provide a child Social Skills Social Skills The child learns to interact and play with others as well as take responsibility for their actions. Physical Physical activity increases intelligence – the more children move as they play, the more receptive they are to knowledge. Literacy Play increases the ability to communicate and develop language skills through interaction. Imagination During play, the child’s mind is free for them to become whoever they wish making playtime fun and exciting. Sensory Seeing, touching...

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Product catalogue 2017 - 16

Multi-Purpose Fitness Frame Designed for a total body workout to help develop core strength, flexibility and confidence. This piece of equipment allows up to 5 users at a time, keeping up with modern day exercise trends and requiring minimal maintenance. Hardwood Furniture The Swingo is a dynamic, multi-directional product that rocks in two directions and rotates at the same time, providing lots of fun for young children. Extremely long-lasting, Bilinga timber shows excellent resistance to fungi or bug contamination. It requires minimal maintenance and is suitable for hot climates....

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Product catalogue 2017 - 17

UniPlay Stainless Steel This new range comes in 2 types of steel posts: stainless steel and powder coated steel. Both provide a sleek, modern look, complimenting modern architecture. With low maintenance and outstanding resilience, it is suitable for the most challenging environments. Omega Swing Frame with Bravo Seat The Omega swing frame is robust and durable, designed in a way that allows for extensions and seats to be added. The Bravo swing seat is designed for multiple users and is hard wearing and resilient. Low Impact Fitness Our Low Impact range is designed for people of all...

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Product catalogue 2017 - 21

Guide to HAGS symbols Our products are labelled with symbols showing assembly time, recommened age, inclusive play, vertical drop, how much space the product requires, etc. See below the symbols used in this brochure. Assembly time in man hours Inclusive play m2 Free height of fall EN 1176 Anchoring options Space required For detailed information about product options please visit It is expected that children of the same age will develop at different rates and have varying abilities. Therefore, the age recommendation in this brochure is given as a guideline only in order to...

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