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Orbit - 1

TECHNICAL INFORMATION: Assembly: Assembled at factory Anchoring: Concrete foundation/above ground Inspection/Maintenance: Each week/every season. Material: Rota moulded plastic bodies in polyethylene on a stainless steel frame. Articlenr.: Black ring Above ground 8027094 Black ring Concrete foundation 8027095 Yellow ring Above ground 8030513 Yellow ring Concrete foundation 8030516

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Orbit - 2

The HAGS Orbit is a robust and stylish solitaire, designed for fun social interaction. It has a fixed centre with a ring around it. The ring is used to increase the speed in the joined task of trying to spin as fast as the users dare. Rotates in an angle. To achieve that extra sensation of tingling, the roundabout rotates in a slight angle. The brave user leans back to increase the excitement further. The Orbit’s design inspires you to try to sit in different ways and even to stand and balance on the ring. There is a red mark on the centre top that can be used as a tachometer or in the game...

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