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Integrated Shades Integrated Shade for Uni-Play Structures

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Integrated Shade Integrated Shades New to Europe! Integrated Shade for Uni-Play Structures As innovators and trend setters, HAGS is always looking at ways to offer something totally unique to the market. With this in mind, HAGS designed sun protection integrated into play structures! These not only protect your child’s skin during play, but also provide an attractive, stunning and distinctive centre piece to any contemporary playground.

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Why choose Shade with Play Structures? Very few products can help save lives, add colour and vibrancy to the local landscape and be fun all at the same time and with our partners at Shade Structures, this is exactly what our products now do! Over the years, Shade Structures growth, experience and capabilities as a company have firmly established it to be a proven leader in the shade structure industry. They take their commitment to the shade business personally, always putting the needs of the end user first. Protection: With dramatic increases in the rates of skin cancer in mind, our...

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Integrated Shade Alanis Uni-Play Alanis 8048105 S WOOD POST m x 3.68m SHADES 3.68 SAND UR: DESERT COLO

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Integrated Shade

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Integrated Shade Herakles Uni-Play Herakles 8048106 S WOOD POST x 5.2m SHADES 5.2m ERT SAND OLOUR: DES C

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Integrated Shade

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Integrated Shade Apollo Uni-Play Apollo 8049320 POSTS OOD/STEEL W x 7.9m SHADES 7.9m SAND/ UR: DESERT COLO ROYAL BLUE

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Integrated Shade

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Integrated Shade Helios Uni-Play Helios 8049323 S STEEL POST x 7.9m SHADES 7.9m R/BLACK LOUR: SILVE CO

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Integrated Shade Go Custom! Uni-Play is perhaps the most thought through and expandable play system on the market! Beneath the Shade: For simplicity, we have created the four Uni-Play Integrated Shade combinations on pages 4 through to 11, but as you know with Uni-Play, there are many possibilities! To change what is under the shade, you can create your own unit so long as the post configuration and anchoring is appropriate. Customised Design: At HAGS we believe that all ideas can be realised. The versatility of the Uni-Play system allows us to create play equipment far beyond the ordinary....

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Frequently Asked Questions Sales FAQs What sales tools are available for integrated shade and where/who do I get them from? Brochures are available for you to distribute, please speak to your Area Sales Manager. There are also details available on the website at Where do I get a price list from and what is my discount? The price list is available along with your associated discount from your Area Sales Manager. What else do I need to include in my price? The price includes all equipment shown. You will need to allow for installation and delivery. Customised...

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Integrated Shade Design FAQs (continued) Are any of the shade materials fire resistant/retardant to counter the risk of vandalism by setting it on fire with a lighter or a match? The HDPE fabric has a flame retardant which is inherent in the fabric to withstand temperatures of around 105 Degrees Celsius within normal parameters. What anchoring options are available to me when combining a HAGS unit with integrated shade? The posts supporting the shade are only available in cast in place to ensure the stability and security of the unit. What warranty do we offer? HAGS integrated shade fabrics...

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Aftercare FAQs What on-going inspection and maintenance is required? HDPE fabrics require very little maintenance, but should be kept clean to ensure they look bright and attractive all year long. To clean the shade fabric, you may use a power washer or a water hose with very little diluted detergent. Start by spraying the fabric from its underside, working from top to bottom to remove any debris, dust, animal droppings, etc. However, we would always recommend a monthly self-inspection. Who do I talk to for repair/replacement parts? You should speak to your Customer Service Team. What is...

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Integrated Shade for Uni-Play Structures

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