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HAGS Toddler - 1

Assembly: Assembled at factory. Anchoring: Sunken foundation/concrete foundation/ above ground. Inspection/Maintenance: Each week/every season. Material: HPL screens mounted on a galvanized frame of steel tubes. Articlenumber: Zapp Abeove ground 8028636 Sunken foundation 8028635 Grimmie Above ground 8028629 Sunken foundation 8028624 Circus Above ground 8028634 HAGS Inspiring all generations HAGS fantasy environments for young circus artists, astronauts and explorers.CIRCUS, GRIMMIE AND ZAPP

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HAGS Toddler - 2

HAGS open play environments Grimmie, Circus and Zapp inspire young children to engage in fantasy games set in theme worlds. Young children are naturally imaginative, but they sometimes need a little help to get started. Grimmie is the perfect environment for an exciting fantasy adventure, Circus is a colorful circus world where anything is possible and Zapp is a good scene for a space adventure. Learning through play. Children can play alone or with others. Fantasy games teach children to think creatively and develop their cognitive ability. The HAGS play environments are great for...

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