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Hags Pirate Theming


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Hags Pirate Theming - 1

HAGS Theming Our best kept secret Why are our new pirate units the best? Because they arrrrr!

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Hags Pirate Theming - 2

• Choose from four UniMini combinations or create your own bespoke unit • Pick and mix the rest of the range to suit your environment and budget • Special package prices available

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Hags Pirate Theming - 3

We’ve designed 4 off the shelf combinations to easily deliver that maritime environment. Which one will you choose? If you’re feeling creative, why not use the panels below to design your own unit. Solos Amorette Pick any of our individual solo pieces to add the finishing touches to your Pirate theme. Portland

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Hags Pirate Theming - 4

Edmund L: 5.40m W: 4.70m H: 3.05m O 8.90 x 770 8057449 Sunken foundation 8057450 Above ground List price: XXXX 8057446 Sunken foundation 8057447 Above ground 8057443 Sunken f°undati°n 8057444 Above ground List price: XXXX List price: XXXX Orvinn L: 2.60m W: 3.50m H: 2.90m Cf 570 x 700 8057440 Sunken foundation 8057442 Above ground Bonnie L: 2.94m W: 1.38m H: 1.99 Q 6.00 x 4.50 8057394 Sunken foundation 8057417 Above ground Portland L: 2.08m W: 0.77m H: 1.80m Q 4.70 x 3.50 8057515 Sunken foundation 8057516 Above ground List price: XXXX List price: XXXX List price: XXXX Yabber L: 0.73m W:...

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