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ARENA has stood the test of time and although imitated has never been equalled. HAGS care about the physical and social development of all young people, putting their needs and enjoyment foremost when creating sports environments. Our 15 years experience gained in providing designed and manufactured Multi Use Games Areas, gives us a unique ability to work with the local community to provide the best solution for the area. HAGS Understand Not just the requirements of children and young people, but a broader knowledge of sports and needs of those responsible for delivering it. Through...

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6. ARENA - Key Benefits Every component of ARENA was designed by our inhouse designers to provide the maximum benefits. 8. ARENA Goal Ends For smaller areas or smaller budgets; ARENA Goal Ends provide the solution. 12. ARENA Full Systems Complete ARENA systems, predesigned and ready to order. 16 . Go Custom A step by step guide to see how your ARENA can be fully customised to your needs. 22. ARENA Skills Perfect skills practice solutions. 24. ARENA Streetball Perfect for small teams sport and practice. 26. ARENA Selector Take a peek at all the Standard ARENA systems we have to offer....

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LGS Arena - Key Benefits EN 15312:2007 ARENA was the first System to be awarded EN 15312 multi-sports certification (2004). Few Multisports Systems on the market are certifie! setting ARENA apart from the rest. Extra Time Goal posts are always white. Our research shows that most Multisport use occurs in the late afternoon (usually after school) up until dusk, and that white is the most visible colour at dusk. Safety Shot The multi use goal backboard extends 1.2m from the structure to reduce the risk of a jumping player colliding with the framework. This is in line with current safety...

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Escape Route AN goal sections feature escape routes at each side to make bail retrieval easy and to add to the sens of security for users. However, if you want to lock your ARENA at night, we can provide goal infills and gtes. Keeping the noise dowii The ARENA bar panel design is one of the key factors of its success. It is robust, looks great and is difficult to climb. Another feature is it's anti-rebound noise and anti-vibration properties. An all round great game Game play is vastly improved when rounded corners are provided as it reduces player conflict. In a test at Kederminster Park...

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AlH'GoalEnds i Philadelphia (SAPL) Features ARENA Goals can be installe! as stand alone units enabling users to practice their shooting skills or providing the perfect place for more informal and one on one games. Place two goal ends opposite each other to give users the benefit of a court size practice and games area. To make selection easier for you, we have designed 6 standard configuration goal ends, from the single goal or Philadelphia, to a full 12m wall with corner panels ( Toronto). However ARENA can be designed to your custom requirements. Equipment Dimensions 3.4m Length x 4.0m...

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Double Philadelphia (SAD Features Multi-sport goal suitable for football and basketball Reverse facing basketball shoot practice hoop Equipment Dimensions 4.7m Length x 4.0m Width x 3.95m Height 0031 *«*

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Indiana (SAIN) Features Multi-sport goal suitable for football and basketball Eqiiipment Dimensions 7.1m Length x 3.4m Width x 3.95m Height Toronto(SAT0) Features Multi-sport goal su\tab\e for football and haskethaW Equipment Dimensions 12.1m Length x 4.1m \N\dthx395m Height �67432

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Utah ISA-UT) > Features Multi-sport goal suitable for football and basketball Equipment Dimensions 11.1m Length x 3.4m Width x 3.95m Height CD > m > sr ai > fD3 su l »0 su 5T Vancouver(SA VA) Features Multi-sport goal suitable for football and basketball Equipment Dimensions 11.1m Length x 3.4m Width x 3.95m Height mm Goal Ends

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ull System Kansas (SA-KA) Playing Zone: 19m x 11m Features 1m high side walls, 2m high end walls Equipment Dimensions 22.1m Length x 12.4m Width x 3.95m Height ARENA was designed to create a 'Stadium' feel, inspired by recognised sporting venues around the world. It is attractive yet friendly and will give your community a Sports Area to be proud of for years to come. ARENA Full Systems are the ultimate in Multi Use Games Areas enabling users to compete, practice and train for their team sport. Basketball, Football Hockey, Handball, Cricket, Volleyball and Tennis to name a few. Choose from...

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Michigan SA MC) Playing Zone: 20m x 12m Features 1m high side walls, 2m high end walls Equipment Dimensions 23.1m Length x 13.4m Width x 3.95m Height 2m high end walls

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38 Features Mini goals for street football and hockey Target Practice Skill Panels Lean Back Spectator Seating Curved Corners Gated Entrance 2m high side walls 3m high end walls Equipaient Dimensions 31.1m Length x 17.2m Width x 3.95m Height

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Miami (SAMI) Playing Zone: 27m x 15m Features Solid rebound panels Mini goals for street football and hockey Gated Entrances Square Corners Equipment Dimensions 30.1m Length x 16m Width x 3.95m Height: Pextett for Hockey and Football... but just as gteat for Basketball or Netball too! «!M! Full Systems 15

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Go custom is our way of providing you with exactly what you want. Create Goal Ends, Full Systems, Streetball or Skills Systems. Take a full standard system and add basketball practice hoops, mini goals or seating. To understand more about the options on offer, take a look through our step by step guide on how to customise your ARENA. .8.5m->| 3 Step 1 - Establishing the playing zone It's important to get the size of your ARENA right for the site and for the users; we can design your ARENA specifically to cater for your needs. ARENA has Goals 3m wide and then 1m or 2m wide panels, to make...

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Step 2 - Panel Heights Each panel is 1m high. It helps keep it simple when designing and building your ARENA. Lower bar panels come as standard, alternatively for hockey areas you can have the solid polyethylene panels. Arena comes in 4 heights and can be selected from Bar, Mesh and solid panel options to suit your criteria. Choose from matching height side and goal end walls, or make each wall a different height to suit your site requirements. Im height (1 panel) 2m height (2 panels) 3m height (3 panels) 4m height (4 panels) Step 3 - Making an entrance i 65 A great entrance can get you set...

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