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Fantasy - 1

TECHNICAL INFORMATION: Assembled by authorized professionals. Anchoring: Sunken foundation/concrete foundation/ above ground. Inspection/Maintenance: Each week/every season. Material: Structures made of wood, plywood and HPL. Nets and ropes are made of galvanized chain coated with solid polyurethane. The slides are made from stainless steel. Tubes and other metal parts are made from high strength steel.

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Fantasy - 2

The HAGS Fantasy units are designed with themes - boat, space, jungle and butterfly. Nabi, Bengal, Triton and Bell have the same sturdy and durable construction as the other products in our popular UniPlay family. Fabulous colour combinations and decorative elements. All of the Fantasy units follow their individual theme in every part and play function. Posts, roofs, floors, walls and screens have been designed and coloured to convey the themes. The jungle setting, for example, has an elephant’s trunk as a slide. The FIAGS Fantasy units are perfect on playgrounds, at schools etc, but also...

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