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Joint de parking Car park joint Series JDH 5.35 Joint de dilatation de sol pour parkings, rampes d’accès, esplanades, et tout autre lieu avec circulation ou non de véhicules légers à faible vitesse. Finition en caoutchouc SBR/NR pour absorber les nuisances sonores. Profilé rapporté Surface mounted profile Floor expansion joint for car parks, access ramps, esplanades and any other place with or without traffic of slow light-vehicles. SBR/NR rubber finish in order to reduce the shock noises. Mouvements admissibles [mm] Movement capacities [mm] Matériaux / Materials Caoutchouc SBR/NR, acier / SBR/NR rubber, steel Longueur standard [ml] / Standard length [lm] Charges [kN] / Load-bearing capacities [kN] *Autres ouvertures sur demande. / Other gap upon request. The load-bearing capacity is always indicated for a joint in its initial position. In case of opening movements, the load-bearing capacity significantly reduces and the product will thus be only adapted for a light pedestrian traffic. The indicated load-bearing capacities are based on pneumatic wheels vehicles with a contact surface of 200x200 mm. © All rights reserved - Non contractual drawings - 03/2021 GV2 VEDA FRANCE 20, Allée des Erables - Bât. E - 93420 Villepinte - France Adresse Postale CS 63052 - 95972 Roissy CDG Cedex

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