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Gustafs Linear System 2014 - 2

GUSTAFS LINEAR SYSTEM Wood has been our medium for over 100 years. Along the way we have incorporated our knowledge of carpentry and bespoke fitting with the industrial requirement of today´s building process.   We can offer both standard solutions and customized interiors according to the client´s wishes. We bring an in-depth knowledge of a room’s design, construction and performance so that every detail will make the experience of the room even greater.

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Gustafs Linear System 2014 - 3

GUSTAFS LINEAR SYSTEM Gustafs Linear System is an innovative range of ribs and planks for cladding of walls and ceilings. With Gustafs Linear System you achieve a reliable, labour saving and exclusive interior finish. Naturally, Gustafs Linear System offers a design attribute that comes with the best fire rating, optimal sound absorption and sound diffusion. LINEAR PLANK LINEAR MODULE A premium system and the best choice when it comes to fire safety, form stability, free design possibilities and environ­ ental friendliness. m For classic plank designs with whole crown veneers combined­with...

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Gustafs Linear System 2014 - 4

GUSTAFS LINEAR SYSTEM RIB Gustafs Linear Ribs provides designers the possibility to create exciting and appealing rooms while at the same time ensuring the highest possible well-being for their occupants. Gustafs Linear Ribs can be used in curved or straight installations and is easily combined with the Gustafs Panel System. We can assist you with your design wishes and help provide a rib solution with your own personal touch. Our linear system automatically gives a relatively large open area of 24% which warrants for a good sound absorption over a wide band of frequencies. The three...

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Gustafs Linear System 2014 - 5

HIGH IMPACT RIBS We offer user-friendly aluminum grids providing installation reliability and a p ­ rofessional visual result. No tools are needed to assemble the interlocking components. A demountable version is available, ideal when occasional access to the ancillary systems is required. Compared to similar systems, Gustafs Linear Ribs is a considerable time saver when it comes to the installation. Gustafs Linear Ribs, have, in accordance with the Euroclass system, achieved classification B-s1,d0. For walls in tough environments like for example in schools, restaurants, corridors and...

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Gustafs Linear System 2014 - 6

38 mm The Gypsum core ribs are available in four thicknesses; 44 mm, 34 mm, 28 mm and 22 mm. The standard width is 38 mm. Using our standard installation method the gap betwen the ribs is 12 mm. The High impact ribs are available in three thicknesses; 44mm, 38 mm and 28 mm. ACOUSTIC VALUES GUSTAFS LINEAR RIB Mounting depth 45 mm 103 mm 108 mm Installation interval Open area BESPOKE RIBS Core Fibre reinforced Gypsum or Sandwich Surface Veneer, painted in solid colour or foils Thickness Fibre reinforced Gypsum; 22, 28, 34 and 44 mm Sandwich; 28, 38 and 44 mm Width 38 mm Length 2400 mm Fire...

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Gustafs Linear System 2014 - 7

“We have worked together for many years because the GUSTAFS and LSA Project team contribute to the collaborative process from inception to execution” / Simon Allford, Director - AHMM ALLFORD HALL MONAGHAN MORRIS Gustafs Linear Rib installation on walls and ceilings at the architect Allford Hall Monaghan Morris office in London. The installation, on both walls and in the ceiling, provides an acoustic buffer between the upper plan offices and meeting rooms. White foiled ribs of varying depths was used to amplify the unusual geometry of the space. “Having worked with GUSTAFS and LSA Projects...

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Gustafs Linear System 2014 - 8

RIB INSTALLATION SIMPLE AND FAST The Quick-Up assembly system is a user friendly aluminum grid offering installation reliability and a perfect visual result. No tools are needed to assemble the interlocking components. A fully demountable version is available, ideal when access to the ancillary systems is required. Gustafs Ribs save 12% time compared to similar systems when it comes to the installation. WALL INSTALLATION 1. Capax BASE-W 2. Wall fixing screw 3. Air gap or insulation 4. Capax U-FIX 5. Capax in-line connector 6. Gustafs Ribs 7. Spring clips The installation is made with screws...

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Gustafs Linear System 2014 - 9

CAPAX CEILING SUSPENSION 1. Ceiling hanger 2. Suspending Capax BASE-C 3. Distance Capax 3262 4. Capax U-FIX-50 5. Capax in-line connector 6. Gustafs Ribs 7. Spring clips 8. Acoustex, acoustic felt BASE-C Ceiling carrier 3262 – Distance profil, with cuts every 50 mm U-FIX-50, Gripper for Ribs, with hole, length 50 mm

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Gustafs Linear System 2014 - 10

VENEERS/ SURFACES The Gustafs Linear Rib is available in any of our standard veneer collections, Nature & Gemini, and is therefore very easy to match with Gustafs Panel System and Gustafs Linear Plank. You can find more examples of veneers on EXAMPLE OF VENEERS FROM GUSTAFS NATURE COLLECTION Nature Birch Nature Rotary cut Birch Nature Maple Nature Beech Nature Pear Nature Mahogany Nature Oregon Pine Nature Cherry Nature Teak Nature Walnut It is also possible to wrap the ribs with coloured foil. Contact us for more information regarding coloured ribs.

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Gustafs Linear System 2014 - 12

GUSTAFS LINEAR PLANK PLANK Gustafs Linear Planks lets you combine a beautiful linear design with the best possible fire ratings. Using the famous Gustafs Capax installation system a perfect end result will be guaranteed as well the option to fully integrate the Planks with Gustafs Panels and Ribs. Every Plank comes with one unique and full crown veneer flitch for the most exclusive experience. FIRE The fiber gypsum core in the Planks not only is non combustible and gives the Planks a total rating of B-s1,d0 including the veneer, it also gives the Planks an absolute stable form and seamless...

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Gustafs Linear System 2014 - 13

FACTS GUSTAFS LINEAR PLANK Lengths 2960 mm Widths 100 - 200 mm Surfaces Veneers Core Fiber Gypsum Installation Capax Fire rating B-s1,d0 Others specifications on request Curved installation open joint BESPOKE SOLUTION Weatherboard installation with customized shape. Perforated plank

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Gustafs Linear System 2014 - 14

GUSTAFS LINEAR MODULE MODULE The Gustafs Modules comes fully assembled and ready to use, including the acoustic felt. The Module system provides quick, user friendly and invisible installations and a modern linear look in solid wood. A look that can be adapted to your request when it comes to the rib dimension and the spacing in between them, but also the type of wood and wood treatment. With more than 100 years of wood experience, we know how to handle and care for solid wood, a challenging job when perfect aligned linear installations are requested. CEILING INSTALLATION WALL INSTALLATION...

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