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Gustafs Catalog - 2

THE FEELING OF GREAT ARCHITECTURE We have come a long way since our humble beginnings, 1913; the company has changed it’s name and its direction over the years. The understanding of wood and the environment however and our ability to tailor carpentry solutions has been with us along the way. MADE FOR EYES AND EARS It is our people, with their fine feeling for wood and handicraft tradition that is Gustafs. The factory encapsulates one hundred years of wood culture. Our roots are in carpentry. Sensitivity and an eye for quality can be found among all our co-workers. We manufacture a valuable...

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Gustafs Catalog - 3

Living and working as we do in the forest and pastoral landscape around Gustafs we are reminded daily of our responsibility for our environment both locally and in a global perspective. Our factory therefore, has an active and progressive environmental program. environmental footprint Gustafs panels consist mostly of gypsum and wood totaling 98% natural material. The remaining 2% consist of strictly controlled veneer glues and surface lacquers. Through studied choices of environmentally friendly material and work methods we reduce our total environmental effect. We produce with no added...

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Gustafs Catalog - 4

Biocentrum, Sweden, Architect: Bjurström & Brodin Swedish Parlament, Stockholm. Architect: White Malmö Live Congress hall Architect: Schmidt Hammer Lassen SPIRA, Performing arts center, Jönköping Architect: Wingårdh Architects A ardman Animations offices, Bristol Architect: Alec French Architects Pfizer Head Office, Stockholm. Murman Architect Nacka Forum, Complexe Commercial Stockholm Oriflames Head Office in Stockholm. Thomas Eriksson architects G rafarvogskirkja, Reykjavik, Iceland. Architect: A Stofunni Arkitektar Nordea Office Stockholm. Architect: Strategisk Arkitektur Abbey entre,...

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Gustafs Catalog - 5

GUSTAFS SCANDINAVIA GUSTAFS PANEL SYSTEM Gustafs Panel System® comprises of acoustic panels for wall and ceiling coverings, suited for public buildings such as conference rooms, concert halls and auditoria. For schools and other similar high trafficked rooms we have special high impact resistant panel solutions. There is a wide range of options when it comes to surfaces and finishes, so there are many possibilities to vary the look and feel of the finished room. With Gustafs Panel System® we have combined unique design with flexible installation. KNOWLEDGE IS A GUSTAFS PRODUCT Our product...

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Gustafs Catalog - 6

Intarsia Inlay Ribs with different depths Wall and ceiling with open joints Bespoke installation of ribs Bar code acoustic panel Bespoke panels, painted, veneered and metal CNC routed panels with color inlays Open joints Curved panels with open joints Bespoke Gustafs Linear Plank Curved panel wall Panels with copper Brushed metal Veneer with patterned perforation Green stained panels Nano perforation with back-lit effect Bespoke perforations Bespoke diffusers Triangular panels with LED inlays Routed design panels

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Gustafs Catalog - 7

GUSTAFS PANEL SYSTEM GUSTAFS PANEL SYSTEM We are experts in acoustic and fire retardant panels for wall and ceiling coverings. Gustafs Panel System® is a well-documented panel system that draws on our experience from a wide variety of world wide realized projects. Thanks to the development of our Capax profile system we can provide simple and secure installations in tune with today’s rapid building processes. Form and function go hand in hand. We collaborate closely with architects and designers and are attentive to what lies in the future. Our design is constantly evolving as we develop...

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Gustafs Catalog - 8

GUSTAFS PANEL SYSTEM PLAIN PANELS DESIGN Gustafs Panel System® offers many possibilities to create environments with the highest demands for design and appearance. Form and function go hand in hand. We collaborate closely with architects and designers and are attentive to what lies in the future. Our design is constantly evolving as we ­ evelop different d surfaces, such as veneer, laminates, textiles, metals, and colours. Plain panels are anything but plain. It is when we are commissioned to create a wooden clad interior that our true expertise is called on. A wall or ceiling solution...

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Gustafs Catalog - 9

GUSTAFS PANEL SYSTEM SURFACES veneer Wood has a natural variation in structure and colour tone which ages in harmony with nature. The fact that wood is a natural material is an intrinsic aspect of its charm and attraction. On the following pages we present our standard veneer selection. It goes without saying that we do our outmost to fulfill requests for other veneers. We offer two choices of genuine veneer, NATURE and GEMINI. LACQUER & GLOSS Prior to delivery the panels are given a resilient and attractive surface finish. The finish is determined by the customer from a choice of...

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Gustafs Catalog - 10

GUSTAFS PANEL SYSTEM VENEERS NATURE NATURE VENEER As wood ages its colour tone matures typically for the species. Variations in colour tone and structure is a part of woods appeal. This too, is the case with veneer. Nature veneer is available in a wide variety of ­ pecies and matures in colour tone with time and exposure to light. s Most nature ­ eneers can on request be purchased with FSC® certification. v Large areas permit a certain amount of variation where as smaller areas ­ demand a more exacting match. NATURE GUSTAFS STANDARD VENEER COLLECTION VENEERS GEMINI GEMINI – The major...

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Gustafs Catalog - 11

GUSTAFS PANEL SYSTEM PAINT, PRINT & SOLID There are many different surface treatments to choose from to achieve your desired result. Utilizing our unique production technology we can produce painted surfaces in a multitude of colours in accordance with for example NCS or RAL codes. EXAMPLES OF SURFACE FINISHES You can find all our surface possibilities on PIGMENTED VENEER SOLID COLORS Print on maple veneer Laminate bronze Pigmented lacquer on ash veneer Print on Paper substrate Laminate Aluminium Paint Gustafs Silver Metallic d to chang e the of the vene er. Since va species...

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Gustafs Catalog - 12

GUSTAFS PANEL SYSTEM ACOUSTICS How we experience sound in a room is as important as how we perceive the designers choice of materials and furnishing. Our customers and the challenges they confront are what we as a company thrive on when developing our solutions and innovations. We offer both standard and bespoke acoustic solutions to our customers. University of Technology, Gdansk, Poland Architect: Andrzej Prusiewicz Gustafs Panel with PD8 perforation Qatar Conference center Gustafs Panel System, with plain panels, is often used to reflect sound. The hard and high density surfaces of a...

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