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GUSTAFS BF PANEL GUSTAFS PANEL SYSTEM A PANEL WITH MANY UNIQUE BENEFITS Most of our products are based on a fibre gypsum board which has very good properties regarding both fire safety and acoustics. The panel is less sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity which in turn maintains the panels’ linearity over time. All together, this unique combination contributes to a panel suited for applications not only in large areas but also in a wide variety of demanding situations. FIBRE GYPSUM BOARD SOLID WOOD EDGING DARK CORE When constructing a cladding panel there are many requirements that steer the choice of component materials. Among our first demands were; a strictly plane surface, dimensional stability, fire retardation and acoustic characteristics. These demands effectively eliminate most traditional wood-based choices. However, a panel constructed of highly compressed fibre gypsum incorporates the properties needed to meet fire prevention demands and offers good acoustic characteristics while at the same time offers versatility and aesthetic charm. Prior to veneering, a solid wood edging is integrated around the panel, disguising the core material. When the veneer is then applied it covers the wooden edge and effectively gives the panel the appearance of being entirely of wood. This process contributes to the total strength of the panel making it more robust and ensures its dimensional characteristics. Using a dark core, the holes or slots in an acoustic panel will be less visible in combination with dark veneers or paints. Unless the perforation pattern is a very important part of the design, “hiding” the holes is a great new aesthetic benefit that Gustafs can offer. Gustafs recommends the use of a Dark Core for perforated acoustic panels with dark veneers like Walnut, Wenge, Mahogany, Teak or painted in dark colours.   For the lighter range of both veneers and paints we still recommend using the standard white core substrate. ENERGY SAVING Wood based panels will show bulging or shrinkage when humidity and temperature change. A fiber gypsum board is considerably less susceptible to these effects. Over time this will result in a planer and more linear surface. Due to the panel’s high density and its low level of thermal conductivity, the material helps to maintain room temperatures at a constant and reduces the need for cooling or heating. Using a fiber gypsum core naturally results in extremely low emissions and a very high rate of recycled content. Being located in Sweden gives us the opportunity to produce with renewable power sources only. The high density nonflammable core and the surface veneer’s strongly bound adhesion to the fiber gypsum board makes our panels “non-flammable”. Reaction to fire A2-s1,d0, resistance to fire K110/K210. LEADING ACOUSTICS, DESIGNED FOR EYES & EARS ACOUSTICS Acoustically, the use of innately heavy wall cladding is often favourable compared to lighter materials. Gustafs panels weighing 15 kg/m2 is roughly twice as heavy as most wood-based pan

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GUSTAFS PANEL SYSTEM Grey pigmented drift wood LACQUER & GLOSS STAINED & PIGMENTED Wood has a natural variation in structure and colour tone which ages in harmony with nature. The fact that wood is a natural material is an in­ trinsic aspect of its charm and attraction. On the following pages we present our standard veneer selec­ ion. It goes without saying that we do our t outmost to fulfill requests for other veneers. We offer two choices of genuine veneer, NATURE and GEMINI. Prior to delivery the panels are given a resi­ lient and attractive surface finish. The finish is determined by...

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GUSTAFS PANEL SYSTEM SOLID PAINT Some surfaces are very highly demanding. Among the many advantages of a Gustafs panel is its plane and even surface. This enables us to create a painted surface finish which otherwise is extremely difficult to achieve on site. Utilizing our production technology we can produce painted surfaces in a multitude of colors in accordance with for example NCS or RAL codes up to a gloss rate up to 50. With Gustafs Art there are many options to decorate the panel surface, route out your logo or create a printed pattern over the entire surface come to us with your...

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GUSTAFS PANEL SYSTEM FANER NATURE NATURE VENEER As wood ages its colour tone matures typically for the species. Variations in colour tone and structure is a part of woods appeal. This too, is the case with veneer. Nature veneer is available in a wide variety of ­ pecies and s matures in colour tone with time and exposure to light. Most nature ­ eneers v can be purchased with FSC certification. Large areas permit a certain amount of variation where as smaller areas ­ emand d a more exacting match. NATURE GUSTAFS STANDARD VENEER COLLECTION Oregon Pine Cherry Teak

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GUSTAFS PANEL SYSTEM PAINT, PRINT & SOLID There are many different surface treatments to choose from to achieve your desired result. Utilizing our unique production technology we can produce painted surfaces in a multitude of colours in accordance with for example NCS or RAL codes. EXAMPLES OF SURFACE FINISHES You can find all our surface possibilities on PIGMENTED VENEER SOLID COLORS Print on maple veneer Laminate bronze Pigmented lacquer on ash veneer Print on Paper substrate Laminate Aluminium Paint Gustafs Silver Metallic Nature ash veneer with white pigmented lacquer...

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