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The Music School of Jaroslaw Architect :Agnieszka Wazny Photo: Paweł Klein GUSTAFS SCANDINAVIA GUSTAFS SCANDINAVIA Qatar National Convention Centre SPIRA - House of performing arts Music School in Jaroslaw Southmead hospital Gustafs offer and products Gustafs Panel System Gustafs Linear System We make the experience in large rooms great Text: Agneta Barle Martin Mallon Photo: Pawel Klein Christer Eriksson Jessika B Nordin

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Gustafs 2013/2014 - 4

GUSTAFS SCANDINAVIA WOOD CULTURE We have come a long way since our humble beginnings; the company has changed its name and its direction over the years. The understanding of wood however and our ability to tailor carpentry solutions has been with us along the way. As Gustafs celebrates its 100 year jubilee in 2013 it is a company firmly focused on the future with a global perspective. We are a local partner in an international market. It is our people, with their fine feeling for wood and handicraft tradition that is Gustafs. The factory encapsulates one hundred years of wood culture. Our...

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Gustafs 2013/2014 - 5

GUSTAFS SCANDINAVIA ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE ”I want a three dimensional wall that takes the breath from our visitors!” said the Emir of Qatar to one of his wives, “Otherwise the job will go to someone else.” Naturally we solved the challenges presented by the 3D wall. We need to keep a cool head even confronted by the deserts impossible heat.” The enormous building project that was Qatar National Convention Center had reached almost half way to completion when Martin Mallon, export sales manager at Gustafs, realized it was time to take the 3D-wall challenge home to Gustafs. The wall was not...

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Gustafs 2013/2014 - 6

GUSTAFS SCANDINAVIA Gustafs. The project was enormous and the building was to be the largest conference center in the Gulf region. It was to be the centre of a large international university and research campus with a focus on oil and natural gas technology. Innovative, challenging and lavish. We approached the project in our usual way. Our chief installer, Leif Hellström was first on site and was our link between the builder and Gustaf’s factory. “We are good at keeping things together and coordination is vital in all our projects.” In this case it was truer than ever. “It is when we are...

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Gustafs 2013/2014 - 7

GUSTAFS SCANDINAVIA Teatro dell’Istituto Canossian, Feltre, Italy Politechne Ingegneria e Architettura, Vicenza A ardman Animations offices, Bristol Architect: Alec French Architects Biocentrum, Uppsala, Architect: Bjurström & Brodin Swedish Parlament, Stockholm. Architect: White Pfizer head office, Stockholm. Murman Architects Nacka Forum, Shopping mall Stockholm. Sweden Oriflames head office in Stockholm. Thomas Eriksson architects ouse of Sweden, Washington H Gert Wingårdh and Tomas Hansen Sheremeteyevo airport, Russia Architect: Moscow. D. Psenichnikov Auditorium Maximum, University,...

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Gustafs 2013/2014 - 8

GUSTAFS SCANDINAVIA SPIRA COLOURFUL EXPERIENCES ”It was only natural that Gustafs was commissioned to do the work. We have worked with them for many years and always get very good support for our ideas. Gustafs is the perfect partner for us” On 11.11.11 Jönköping, Sweden, received a new landmark. Culture house SPIRA is situated on a newly created peninsula and it is reflected on the waters of Lake Munksjön. The exterior is white and red with large glazed sections. The building was designed by one of Sweden’s most prominent designers, Wingårdh Architects. Gustafs panels cover large areas of...

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Gustafs 2013/2014 - 9

GUSTAFS SCANDINAVIA Helle Solberg, composer and in-house Head of orchestra at Spira SPIRA A WORLD CLASS CONCERT HALL The rumour of how great the acoustics are at the Spira Concert hall in Jönköping is spreading rapidly among musicians around the world. Several have already announced their wish to record their next record here. Composer and in-house Head of orchestra Helle Solberg, is delighted that people are beginning to awaken to all the possibilities at Spira Concert Hall. When Helle started at her job amidst the building operations at Spira she was involved in several site meetings...

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Gustafs 2013/2014 - 10

GUSTAFS SCANDINAVIA GREEN GUSTAFS Living and working as we do in the forest and pastoral landscape around Gustafs we are reminded daily of our responsibility for our environment both locally and in a global perspective. Our factory therefore, has an active and progressive environmental program. ENVIRONMENTAL FOOTPRINT WORKING ENVIRONMENT Gustafs panels consist mostly of gypsum and wood totaling 98% natural material. The remaining 2% consist of strictly controlled veneer glues and surface lacquers. Through studied choices of environ­ entally friendly material m and work methods we reduce our...

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Gustafs 2013/2014 - 11

GUSTAFS SCANDINAVIA WITH GUSTAFS INTO THE FUTURE Gustafs make beautiful rooms where people thrive. We don´t stop there however, we intend to offer even better cutting edge solutions for every type of public space. Product development is not a one man enterprise. It is rather like working with research, it is often carried out with a team. Together with others, ideas seem to flourish. In the day-to-day development work with our products improvements grow and are implemented. A creative idea from an architect, a puzzling customer question leads us on and into new paths. New functions create...

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Gustafs 2013/2014 - 12

GUSTAFS SCANDINAVIA THE MUSIC THE MUSIC SCHOOL IN SHOOL IN JAROSLAW JAROSLAWPOLAND Poland is experiencing an unprecedented boom in the construction industry. All sectors within the industry are very expansive, particularly in the metropolitan areas. New theatres, museums, concert halls and other public buildings are among the ventures currently being built. Old buildings are being refurbished as well as new build. Thanks to a close cooperation with its Polish partner; Inside, Poland is today the largest export market for Gustafs. There are several reasons for the number of projects in...

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