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GUSTAFS COLLECTION - ACOUSTIC NANO perforation Number of holes Veneers Laminates Surface finish Panel Thickness Edges Open area Fire classification (panel) Fire classification (core) 1,75/2,0/0,5 300.000 / m2 All CPL’s only Wood Grain (GWGS) lacquer 13,6 mm All 5,9 % B-s1,d0 Up to A1-s1,d0 Gustafs BF-NANO INVISIBLE NANO-PERFORATION Unique NANO back-cover WITH UNIQUE ACOUSTIC QUALITIES Also the back side of BF-NANO panels are The perforation is applied to real wood veneers and is only visible up close. BFNANO gives good sound absorp­ ion over t a wide range of frequencies. covered with a unique material and gives MAKING THE MOST OUT OF YOUR ROOM When dressed with BF-NANO panels, a room reduces not only the disturbing noise of conversations and other human sounds, it also absorbs the noise of machines and other mechanical equipment and thereby reducing the reverberation time to a very comfortable level. MAINTENANCE The 0,5 mm small holes stop dust collec­ ion as the dust simply can not t p ­ enetrate the surface material. This results in a maintenance free installation with sound absorbing properties that remain the same over time. HIGHLIGHTS Gustafs Panels with NANO veneer are well suited for sectional light trans­ ission when m back-lit. In this way logotypes and other ­ illustrations can be highlighted with a beautiful real wood luster, while being unde­ tectable when the light is switched off. the panels acoustic advantages with an absorption over a broad band of frequencies. The core Of course BF-NANO’s standard core is made of fibre gypsum, resulting in the highest possible fire classification B-s1,d0. For the most optimal acoustics, the core is pre-perforated with exclusive dual cavities before it is covered with the NANO veneer. NANO CPL Apart from all types of wooden veneers, NANO is available in CPL’s too (Continuous Pressured Laminate) Continuous pattern As well as being almost invisible, BFNANO provides a perforation pattern all the way out to the edges (no frame). Due to this the installation will appear more homogeneous. BF-NANO-B Nano-B has the same appearance as Nano, but it only absorbs a small range of base frequencies. Due to that it can be used as a selective bas absorber to adjust the sound quality in a room. Gustafs Scandinavia AB Stationsvägen 1, SE 783 50 Gustafs, Sweden • tel +46 (0)243 79 20 20 • • Org nr 55 64 62-21 98, VAT nr SE 5

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