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BE >THINK > INNOVATE > Being responsible is our foundation Thinking ahead makes it possible Innovation is the essence GRUNDFOS CONLIFT Automatic condensate removal unit A RELiABLE PARTNER ABOUT GRUNDFOS GETTiNG CONDENSATE OUT OF YOUR WAY Grundfos is a world-leading manufacturer of pumps for use in and around the home. We provide heating and water on demand and automatic control of the systems. We help you dispose wastewater efficiently and drain cellars in case of flooding. We collect rainwater and water the garden. In areas where water pressure is low or fluctuating, we have systems for efficient pressure boosting and constant water supply. And our solutions are available to customers on every continent. With sales, support and service professionals in 45 countries around the world you are guaranteed easy access to extensive pump and pump application knowhow - in your local language. GRUNDFOS Management A/S Poul Due Jensens Vej 7 DK-8850 Bjerringbro Tel: +45 87 50 14 00 The name Grundfos, the Grundfos logo, and the payoff Be-Think-Innovate are registrated trademarks owned by Grundfos Holding A/S or Grundfos A/S, Denmark. All rights reserved worldwide. MODERN COMFORT BY GRUNDFOS BE >THINK} IN NOVATE >

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conlift – A reliAble pArtner in condensAte removAl ACCESSORY P/N when condensate removal is required 6 m hose extension with connector for Ø10/14 mm discharge hose Alarm device to upgrade CONLIFT1 advanced design along with carefully selected components unique feAtures ensure that condensate removal with CONLIFT is as reliable All CONLIFT units come with a combination of elaborated, is also capable of optionally operate an extra pump start systems, in commercial refrigerators and in particular in as using the natural downgrade. unique features to ensure reliable condensate removal: once the...

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a reliable solution for any application Condensate is encountered in a variety of applications, the pH value of the condensate is normally between pH 3 and including dehumidifiers, in refrigerators, in air conditioning pH 4. Condensate like this can be drained without any further systems and in modern condensing boilers. A lifting solution treatment. The condensate generated in oil condensing is the obvious solution when drainage via a slope is not boilers is, however, easily below pH 3 and requires a neutralisation of the acid condensate on a level around pH 7 to avoid damage on buildings...

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superior common features on a unique range for maximum demands tHe ComBination of useful features, advanCed design and seleCted materials in tHe Conlift range offers maximum performanCe on operational reliaBility, installation and serviCe friendliness. 4 sufficient sized inlets. IP 24 cover design protect towards splashing water. Special inlet grommets seal and fix inlet hose. 2 snap-fastener enable easy access to tank for service. 180° rotatable pump component to select discharge position. Special inlet design with sedimentation and evaporation stop caused from boiler. Stainless steel...

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CONLIFT1 and CONLIFT2 are complete pre-assembled lifting station made for condensate removal with a pH value >2.5. The units operate full automatic when the condensate enters the tank and require no particular maintenance. CONLIFT1 comes with an integrated NC/NO contact detecting high water level enabling boiler switch off. CONLIFT2 includes additionally an acoustic alarm device in case of high water with optional condensate source switch off or extra motor start to secure continuing condensate removal. CONLIFT2 pH+ like CONLIFT2 but with additional packed neutralisation unit for...

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6 m hose extension with connector for Ø10/14 mm discharge hose Alarm device to upgrade CONLIFT1 Granulate refill package, 4 x 1.4 kg for CONLIFT2 pH+ and pH+ Box, with pH level tester pH+ Box with accessory and 1.2 kg granulate unique feAtures acoustic signal in case of high water level. The alarm device Conlift1 Conlift2 also capable of optionally operate pH+ Box All CONLIFT units come with a combination of elaborated, is an extra pump start unique features to ensure reliable condensate removal: once the malfunction is detected to ensure that there is no > A sufficiently sized tank with a...

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