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for accountability and usable data in the water management system. Typical applications for Grundfos AQpure are: • PUBLIC WATER POINTS • WATER KIOSKS combined with Grundfos AQtap water ATMs for revenue collection, transparency and smart water service management. • WATER BOTTLING STATIONS AND MOBILE WATER CONTAINERS for emergency situations. ONSITE WATER TREATMENT FOR COMMUNITY DRINKING WATER SUPPLY Grundfos AQpure is an ultrafiltration-based water treatment system optimised for onsite treatment of raw water, whether the water source is surface water, groundwater or rainwater...

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Thanks to the modular concept, each AQpure system can easily be customised to the specific raw water quality of your site. Simply identify which of the four categories best characterises your raw water and configure your water treatment system from the 10 standardised modules. Configuration of your Grundfos AQpure system is a THREE-STEP PROCESS: STEP 1 Identify which of the four water categories best characterises your raw water Z Built-in module □ Optional module — Not selectable 1) Must be combined with auxiliary equipment 2) Includes 300 pm strainer { STEP 3 Add optional modules — if you...

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1 Self-cleaning prefilter Long life membrane Long service intervals 2 Standard UF Self-regulation High energy efficiency Flexible installation. 3 Air scouring Long service intervals Reduced chemical consumption for CIP 4 Chlorination Long service intervals. Residual chlorine in purified water 5 Internal CIP Stable production Long service intervals 6 Level sensing External tank level control 7 Activated carbon filter Removal of chlorine, dissolved organics, pesticides, taste and odour 8 Distribution Direct water tapping or pumping to an external tank 9 Solar package Power supply by...

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OPTIMAL RELIABILITY An AQpure water treatment system benefits everyone involved in ensuring clean drinking water supply for remote or off-grid areas: Self-adaptive AQpure is self-adapting, meaning the Grundfos-patented controller optimises the system’s set-up values continuously, adjusting operational parameters according to variations in Optimal reliability and long service intervals the feed water quality. Ensuring a constant drinking water quality outcome (with a turbidity <0.5 NTU and 99.9999% Professional service and support is carried out by local partners certified by Grundfos and is...

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VARIATIONS IN RAW WATER QUALITY OVERCOME FOR STABLE AND COST-EFFECTIVE COMMUNITY DRINKING WATER SUPPLY IN BARRIO CAÇULA, BRAZIL SABESP is one of the largest water companies in the world, water supply in the rainy season. The filters were not able providing clean water and wastewater treatment for more to handle the variations in turbidity, increasing the need than 27 million inhabitants in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil. for maintenance support in this remote area with difficult They have recently chosen an AQpure drinking water treat- access. As a consequence, the population ended up...

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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Water production CONTACT GRUNDFOS Contact your local Grundfos sales representative to find out more about Grundfos AQpure and our holistic Lifelink solutions. Sustainable water solutions that change lives can only be achieved through long-standing partnerships across sectors. Grundfos Lifelink can help you with: • Enabling funding • Advising about feasible business models • Engaging as a committed technology and know-how partner • Finding and linking suitable partners for each project from our broad network of trusted partners SUSTAINABLE WATER SOLUTIONS TECHNICAL

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bethink innovate Grundfos Lifelink water solutions Lifelink is our commitment to provide sustainable water solutions in the developing world that can be customised according to project needs, delivering reliable water supply, supporting revenue collection and efficient operations. Our high quality, intelligent water solutions tailored to the developing world are built on innovative technology and mobile connectivity. Grundfos Lifelink water solutions combine our innovative and reliable technology with professional service networks to support operations on the ground. For more information,...

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