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MEETING THE CHALLENGES FOR SUSTAINABLE WATER SUPPLY Grundfos AQtap addresses some of the main challenges for providing reliable and sustainable water supply in the developing world. These issues include improving the ability to collect and manage revenue to secure funds for service and ensure accountability towards investors. Grundfos AQtap is an intelligent water dispenser that can be used at any water kiosk. It’s simple and intuitive to use, and water consumers pay for the water via a WaterCard. The use of smart cards for revenue collection is transparent and reliable for the consumers...

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SURPRISINGLY EASY WATER DISPENSING THE AQtap DISPENSER UNIT IS EXTREMELY TOUGH AND SURPRISINGLY EASY TO USE The consumer experiences minimal downtime in water supply while gaining a positive and transparent water tapping experience. This is made possible by the: • Simple and intuitive interface • Closed system for credit transactions using smart cards • Precise dispensing with minimum water wastage Consumers load credits onto their WaterCard, either through local water credit vendors or via mobile payment. They are then ready to tap water, and this is done in four easy steps: Load a...

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REVENUE COLLECTION The unique platform for efficient revenue collection is fully integrated into Grundfos AQtap. To tap water from the AQtap dispenser unit, the consumer requires a WaterCard with a positive balance of water credits. The consumer buys water credits either on-site or using mobile payment. Smart cards are activated by you as water service provider and in addition to the WaterCard used by consumers there are three other types of smart card, all administered by you and your administrators. Water Service Provider – AdminCard: • Activate new VendorCards and ServiceCards • Create...

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SMART WATER MANAGEMENT Using the mobile network, Grundfos AQtap is connected to a water management system that publishes data on its operational status and transactions, enabling you to manage your water kiosks remotely. Even large numbers of water kiosks in distant locations can be monitored with the online water management system, meaning you can expand operations, establishing a new level of professional and reliable water supply service for low-income communities. CASE: NAIROBI CITY WATER At Grundfos, we already have considerable experience with installed automated water dispensers,...

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Installation requirements Power supply PROFESSIONAL! SERVICE AND SUPPORT Together with our network of local service partners we can • Spare parts and service kits ensure you get the dedicated support you need to achieve long term • Service contract with local partners sustainable operations, ensuring a tailored approach to your Grundfos • Service training of your own staff AQtap water dispenser solution. Technical data of dispenser CONTACT GRUNDFOS Contact your local Grundfos sales representative to find out more about Grundfos AQtap and our holistic Lifelink solutions. Sustainable...

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bethink innovate MIX Paper from responsible sources FSC* C004919 Grundfos Lifelink water solutions Lifelink is our commitment to provide sustainable water solutions in the developing world that can be customised according to project needs, delivering reliable water supply, supporting revenue collection and efficient operations. Our high quality, intelligent water solutions tailored to the developing world are built on innovative technology and mobile connectivity. Grundfos Lifelink water solutions combine our innovative and reliable technology with professional service networks to support...

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