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Pump solutions Grundfos submersible pump solutions range from small submersible pressure pumps for domestic purposes to complete pressure management systems for commercial applications. Our pump solutions turn rainwater in collecting tanks or water from wells into a reliable source of water for domestic and commercial applications. Water from private wells Water from private well, typically supplies drinking water to areas that are not connected to the municipal water supply. Or serves as a supplement to traditional water supply and used for irrigation, flushing toilets, washing machines in...

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Water from rainwater tanks The harvesting of rainwater involves filtration of roof run-off and subsequent stovage for later use. The water is collected from the roofs of buildings and stored in rainwater tanks. The collected and stored rainwater is ideal for: • Garden watering • Toilet flushing • Washing machines • Car washing Benefits of rainwater harvesting: • Reduces the risk of flooding Less pressure on the sewer at peak loads. • Saves up to 50 % of drinking water Use rainwater for purposes that do not require drinking water quality. • Prolongs the life of appliances Rainwater is soft...

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Product overview SB The Grundfos SB is a submersible pump for the pumping of clean water. It is designed for use in domestic applications. SBA M (fixed strainer and no float switch) SBA MW (floating suction and no float switch) SBA A (fixed strainer and float switch) SBA AW ( floating suction strainer and float switch) SB M (fixed strainer and no float switch) SB MW (floating suction and no float switch) SBA SB A (fixed strainer and float switch) SB AW (floating suction and float switch) SB/SBA features and benefits: Noiseless operation The pump itself is very silent, and when installed...

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PM1/PM2 Features and benefits: Well-known Grundfos quality • State-of-the-art product design • Robust materials and electronics Flexibility & adaptability • Fits all domestic water supply pumps • Easy to adapt to different types of systems (PM2 only) • Free positioning in installation • Adjustable start pressure (PM2 only) • Plug-and-pump operation High safety • Dry-running protection • Cycling alarm Easy control & monitoring • Intuitive LED user interface EXTERNAL PRESSURE MANAGER The SB requires an external control unit. Used in combination with a Grundfos Pressure Manager PM1 or PM2...

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Unique user benefits Noiseless operation Submerged SB/SBA pumps are noiseless alternatives to non-submersible pumps. Resistant to corrosion Made from composite and stainless-steel materials. No clogging Stainless-steel strainer prevents large particles from entering the pump housing. No defects in case of water shortage The sBA features integrated dry-running protection. All pumps are available with float switches for low water stop. Clean water The floating suction strainer draws the water from just below the water surface where the water is clean and free from solid particles. Longer life...

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Pumps for every purpose In addition to submersible pump solution for installation inside rainwater-collecting tanks and wells, Grundfos offers a wide range of other solution - including dry installed pumps. These cover applications such as: • Households • Gardens • Hobby activities • Agriculture • Horticulture • Small industries All Grundfos pump solutions come either as complete ready-to-install systems for monitoring and control of water distribution, or as custom solutions tailored specifically for your application. To learn more and find your Grundfos solution please...

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