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The DP and EF ranges: Powerful pumps for drainage and effluent wastewater Also available with AUTOADAPT features

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Powerful pumps for drainage and effluent wastewater Designed for versatility and effectiveness The Grundfos DP and EF range of pumps are designed for pumping drainage and surface water and wastewater with small impurities from installations in or around housing, farms and small industry. These pumps are also available with AUTOADAPT features that remove all external sensors, switches and cables from the well pit. With AUTOADAPT, installation, commissioning and operation are simplified, increasing reliability. Ideal wherever wastewater removal is required • • • • Farms Private housing...

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DP AND EF PUMP FEATURES increasing reliability and reducing costs Ergonomic lift handle the ergonomic lift handle is designed for optimum point-of-balance and, with the motor unit 180° rotatable on the pump housing, will protect the auto-coupling sealing. Watertight cable plug The polyurethane-filled stainless steel cable plug connection ensures a watertight and durable seal around the leads of the cable. Adverse handling and even breakage will not result in water getting to the motor. Simply pull out the plug when servicing the pump, without special tools or risk of compromising the seal,...

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Being responsible is our foundation Thinking ahead makes it possible Innovation is the essence See the bigger picture Grundfos is a global leader within water handling technology. Our passion is to bring you all the products you require to create and operate pump systems that combine reliability, cost-efficiency – and innovation. Our products are for use in water supply and wastewater infrastructure on any scale. Grundfos has a full line of products and systems for the intake, treatment and distribution of drinking water and for the transport and treatment of wastewater. We also offer...

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