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Monitoring bacteria online has never been easier Today, monitoring microbial water quality requires either time-consuming laboratory methods or indirect online measurements. Results are either delayed or insufficient to support proactive action. GRUNDFOS BACMON is a fully automated bacteria monitoring solution. BACMON can monitor microbiological parameters in your water continuously, with automated batch sampling technology delivering results in minutes without adding chemicals. With BACMON you get: • Online bacteria monitoring • Results in minutes • Calibration free • No chemicals or...

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Build reliability into your processes One of the major challenges in ensuring safe drinking water is the difference between the time it takes to produce, distribute, and consume the water and the time it takes to investigate if it is safe to drink. Similarly, ensuring that contaminants stay within acceptable levels in water discharged from the wastewater treatment plant is important for avoiding collateral effects on the local community. Typically, you wait two days for the results of routine testing sent to a lab for analysis. GRUNDFOS BACMON gives you minute-based results 24/7, allowing...

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Unique and patented optical technology GRUNDFOS BACMON is in essence an automatic, intelligent microscope. Based on patented 3D scanning optics it classifies all particles as bacteria or non-bacteria, by automatically moving a digital microscope over a flow cell. The robust algorithm classifies particles by evaluating 59 quantified image parameters. Always online and fully integrated into your platform, data is available within minutes for you to access on your mobile device or PC. If you use the Grundfos iPad App, you get an intuitive and easy to use interface, which further simplifies and...

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We have solid experience from installations where GRUNDFOS BACMON monitors water supply, wastewater treatment and other applications. In addition to the cases presented on the following pages, BACMON has already proven its worth in other areas: Source water control BACMON is used with success to monitor the quality of raw water, for example for the intrusion of surface water. Water aging During water distribution, water quality can change many times, commonly referred to as water aging. Today, the best way to control this is by monitoring the chlorine concentration - an indirect method that...

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Optimising processes and keeping them stable It’s like having a heart rate monitor on your system, you can follow the heart beat live and act quickly if changes occur” Martin Vestergaard, Production Manager, AquaPri GRUNDFOS BACMON helps AquaPri, a Danish aquaculture company, follow daily processes and how they affect the fish. This enables them to reach and maintain better bio stability and offers considerable savings in costintensive water testing and regulating activities. In addition, the potential risk of losing business in the event of delay is reduced. Monitoring of the aquaculture...

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CASE l AARHUS VAND Don’t worry – it’s under control It is a strong thing to monitor water quality 24/7” Tammes Lund Jepsen, Water Quality Operations, Aarhus Vand Despite taking precautions, a diver inspecting a water holding tank in Aarhus, Denmark, kicked up sediment that entered the outflow pipe to the water supply system. GRUNDFOS BACMON registered the increased particle content at the outflow. Another BACMON sensor installed at a reservoir 7 km downstream registered the decreased water quality 1.3 days later, which corresponds to the hydraulic retention time of the water between the two...

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Protecting business investments Bacteria monitoring has helped us understand how external factors such as heavy rain and tide affect the water quality in the lagoon” Raphaëlle Lauret, Chief of Aquatic Environment Project, SUEZ The city of Sète in the south of France is known for Étang de Thau, a lagoon famous for shellfish production. Monitoring with GRUNDFOS BACMON has helped the customer understand how natural or anthropogenic events affect the water quality in the lagoon. For example, the measurements clearly show that the tide causes both the bacteria and particle level to increase...

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Safe operation for critical applications GRUNDFOS BACMON represents a unique capability for real-time monitoring of microorganisms in water” Sophie Courtois, PhD, Expert in Analytical Molecular Biology, SUEZ In a crowded city, water supply is a critical application. In Paris, France, continuous measurements were taken of potable water from the tap: First of the tap water alone in real conditions, then artificially spiked on SUEZ experimentation platform with increasing doses of water from the Seine River, and finally spiked with bacteria. 1,4 BACMON not only identified the microbiological...

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Automated water quality monitoring GRUNDFOS BACMON is a fully automated solution for monitoring bacteria and water quality. Simply connect to your water through the available valve and to power, and you are ready to go. BACMON samples directly from the water line and delivers results within minutes for you to access on your mobile device or PC. Use the Grundfos iPad App to further simplify and speed up your data management. GRUNDFOS BACMON AUXILIARY INPUT FLOW METERS, PRESSURE SENSORS, PH METERS ETC. BACTERIA MEASUREMENTS WATER QUALITY MANAGEMENT SENSOR UNITS DATA CENTER

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Specifications Dimensions: • Standard: 62 cm x 33 cm x 24 cm • With stand (accessory): 82 cm x 33 cm x 24 cm • Weight: 21.8 kg Environment: Designed to withstand environmental conditions in accordance with IP54 (international standard EN 60529) Ambient temperature: During operation: +5 °C to +40 °C (must not be exposed to direct sunlight) Water temperature: +5 °C to +40 °C (non-condensing) Voltage tolerance: 110 - 240 V, AC Mains frequency: 50/60 Hz Water connection pressure: • Standard configuration: Min: 2 bar, Max: 10 bar • With pump module (accessory): Min: 0 bar, Max: 2 bar Pipe...

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