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GRUNDFOS CMV Vertical multi-stage pumps Simplicity, efficiency, and reliability go hand in hand BE >THINK> INNOVATE >

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Lifting and moving water – plain and simple While each Grundfos CMV pump model is individually created, the pump family is designed to be used in a variety of applications. These include • • • • • • P ressure boosting Domestic water supply Cooling systems Air-conditioning systems Horticultural irrigation Small industrial applications A pioneer and innovator Grundfos was the first pump manufacturer ever to create a multistage in-line pump. Ever since, the innovative design has inspired followers all over the world. And the CMV is no exception. Based on the innovative design of the renowned...

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CMV means Centrifugal Modular Vertical. It has been developed with modularity as one of its central features, making numerous configurations a possibility. Combining the CMV Booster pump with a Grundfos CUE frequency converter ensures constant water pressure regardless of variations in demand or inlet pressure. The pump is basically composed of a series of interchangeable modules, all of which have been designed to work together seamlessly, no matter the application. Together, they offer ultimate conditions for pressure creation and control. What’s more, the CUE constantly matches the...

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The difference is in the detail From end to end, Grundfos’ well-known quality and attention to detail makes the difference between Grundfos CMV and competitive pumps. The broad motor programme … is available for global usage. It contains both single and three-phase motors and wall mounted VFD solutions. Grundfos motors are or can be directly protected by Klixon, PTC and PT100 or by the frequency drive itself. The motor is IP55 as standard. For condensing environments we supply you with a tropicalised variant. Remember: We can meet all your motor needs! A double protection device … for our...

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Power 0.25 - 2.2 kW 0.3 - 3.0 Hp Flow 3 - 5 m3/h Temp -20°C - +90°C Pressure Head: 10 bar System pressure: 10 bar Installation indicator A standard feature on all three-phase CMV pumps. It shows whether the motor has been connected properly. Remember: Your installation runs better when the pump rotates in the right direction. The Grundfos filling and draining plug … in stainless steel is sealed by an O-ring. Remember: Leakage is eliminated effortlessly. A unique O-ring shaft seal … is designed to provide excellent dry running, non-sticking capabilities. Remember: Under tough conditions,...

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Further information available on Grundfos WebCAPS Grundfos WebCAPS is an online product selection tool that compiles all product-related information, such as literature and documentation, service instructions, sizing software that includes Lifecycle Cost calculations, replacement information and CAD drawings for download.

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Standard range options Accessories A flexible range of connections ensures that existing system connection virtually always can be utilised. Adapter for JIS. DIN,ANSI Flexible adapter according to all three standards (DIN, JIS, ANSI).

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Being responsible is our foundation Thinking ahead makes it possible Innovation is the essence THE GRUNDFOS CMV PUMP If simplicity, efficiency, and reliability are vital, don't hesitate to turn to the new Grundfos CMV pump. This vertical multistage pump is a compact, modular, reliable and quiet pump solution from Grundfos. The Grundfos CMV is designed to be used in a variety of applications including • Pressure boosting • Domestic water supply • Cooling systems • Air-conditioning systems • Horticultural irrigation • Small industrial water supply systems • And more... GRUNDFOS Management A/S...

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