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(0°C to +40°C) BM working press.: max. 1160 psi (80 bar) BMB working press.: max. 870 psi (60 bar) Applications Suitable for pressure boosting in: • Reverse osmosis systems • Water supply systems • Water treatment systems • Industrial plants • High pressure washing Features and benefits • Low noise • Handles high pressures/high heads • Simple installation • Compact, modular design • Sealless • Low maintenance

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BEING RESPONSIBLE IS OUR FOUNDATION THINKING AHEAD MAKES IT POSSIBLE INNOVATION IS THE ESSENCE BM, BMB Booster modules 4”, 6”, and 8” 60 Hz and 50 Hz Construction Grundfos modified standard submersible pumps are used for BM and BMB booster modules. Pump and motor are centered in a stainless steel sleeve. Both sleeve ends can be connected to the piping by means of victaulic couplings. Sleeve of 4”, 6”, and 8” modules is supplied with straight pipe inlet and outlet. The 4” size is also available with 90° bends at the suction and discharge ends. BM and BMB pumps have an asynchronous...

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