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AFFORDABLE ENERGY EFFICIENCY The ALPHA1 is a cost-efficient yet high-performing circulator. The reliable pump is the ideal choice in applications where the well-known UPS has been used to fulfil basic circulator needs. TECHNICAL DATA • based on the field proven ALPHA2 with more than is 3 million units sold Supply voltage: Flow rate, Q max: • cuts energy consumption by up to 80% compared to traditional pumps • uses as little as 81 kWh per year (based on 150 m2 standard house with 6840 heating hours per year) • adaptable to any type of heating system – one- or twois string – with radiators or under floor heating. Liquid temperature: System pressure, Pmax: Power Range: Ambient temperature: EEI: Enclosure class: Insulation class:

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bethink innovate KEY FEATURES Everything under control • 9-segment power display provides an easy overview of all that is going on in the pump Proportional pressure mode- • If the proportional pressure mode is selected, the differential pressure varies proportionally with the flow, i.e. higher flow means higher differential pressure • Proportional pressure is the preferred choice for two-string systems with high flow variation • Proportional pressure curve (high and low) Constant speed mode- • Three constant speed modes for constant flow applications r.uufjnms AlPMil powtit -w a Constant...

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