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PHOTOCATALITIC CERAMIC FAQADE Decontaminant & self cleaning ISO 27448 - EN 221971

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Sustainability Design Raw materials Extrusion Architecture Ventilated lIMfflHsvstems

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FAVEMANC CERAMIC VENTILATED FACADE | 3 FAVEMANC CERAMIC VENTILATED FACADE | 3 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. About us 4-5 2. Projects around the world 6-7 6. What is a ceramic ventilated 12 ventilated fagade? ventilated fagade as opposed to other materials. 7. Active Plus 16-17 10. Technical assistance and services 22-23 13. Extruded ventilated fagade 36-147 Ceramic curve corner 152-153

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MORE THAN 30 YEARS DEVELOPING EXCLUSIVE IDEAS USING EXTRUSION IN CERAMICS FOR AN ARCHITECTURE WITH SUSTAINABILITY WITH RESPECT TO THE RAW MATERIALS USED Gresmanc Group, under the brand name Favemanc, has more than 70 years’ experience in its field of activity in Los Yébenes (Toledo), a town where there are a number of production and logistics centres. For 3 generations the company has been dedicated to the manufacture and trade of ceramic building materials. Its activity is focused especially on the production of extruded clinker, a ceramic material glazed for high resistance, durability...

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Extrusion and design, inf inite possibilities to create ventilated facades. The multitude of design possibilities offered by ceramics makes it one of the key materials in the construction sector thanks to its high-level functionalities and physical qualities which are compatible with architectural sustainability. In installing ceramic ventilated façade systems these can be complemented by specialised components and compatible shutters, which bestows a uniqueness to any building. Thanks to the manufacturing method of extrusion, we are building an exclusive collection of volumetric ceramic...

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6 | FAVEMANC CERAMIC VENTILATED FAÇADE E.Leclerc Albi, France Innovation drive Digby Road Halifax, Canada London, United Kingdom Residencial Caser Madrid, Spain Adams Street Branch Library Boston, Estados Unidos Bill & Melinda Gates Centre Seattle, United States San Felipe Medical Centre Edifici Elbasa Office building Carab, Algeria Temple Building 16 Lagos, Nigeria Torre Anacaona Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Well project, Lagos Montevideo, Uruguay PROJECTS AROUND THE WORLD Favemanc’s systems of ceramic ventilated facades are one of the key materials in the construction sector thanks...

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FAVEMANC CERAMIC VENTILATED FACADE | 7 'Now, Park 20|20 Sony office building Hoofdorp, Netherlands Corporate building Copenhagen, Denmark Anttila shopping centre Kuopio, Finland ssssiiilm Kajplats 6 Residential complex. Stockholm, Sweden Shopping centre Pearl of Siberia Tobolsk, Russia Hotel terme Catez ob Savi, Slovenia Ministry of Social Affairs, Kuwait Hotel Marriot Daegu, South Korea Erbil institutional building Erbil, Iraq Rajiv Gandi Centre for advanced technology Jaipur, India Logistics centre Sufersal project Shoham, Israel +1.000 PROJECTS CARRIED OUT WORLDWIDE IN COUNTRIES

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8 | FAVEMANC CERAMIC VENTILATED FACADE Ceramics has been present throughout the whole history of architecture, but the future is also full of possibilities because it is a material which allows change and it is capable of evolving with technology. As well as this its ecological, resistance and versatility means that it is one of the best options for cladding. The basis of its production is water, clay and fire, natural materials for an ecological and sustainable project, perfect for ecological and bioclimatic architecture.

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FAVEMANC CERAMIC VENTILATED FACADE | 9 THE POTENTIAL OF EXTRUSION IN ARCHITECTURE Extrusion enables the creation of exceptional architectural materials and solutions with the value and guarantee of quality in the ceramics. What does the process of extrusion involve? The principal differentiating characteristic of this manufacturing method lies in the moulding of the components: the clay, mixed with water and other minerals, are compacted and, under vacuum pressure, compressed via a mould which determines the final shape of the piece. The process of extrusion equips the ceramic components...

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10 | FAVEMANC CERAMIC VENTILATED FAÇADE SUSTAINABILITY Minimising environmental impact has been a fundament principal for the Gresmanc Group since it was founded. This strong commitment is materialised in a environmental growth model which in turn offers our customers innovative and high quality ceramics. The first steps we take are based on the concept of a circular economy, reinforcing responsible production and consumption: Re-use of waste products generated by our principal raw materials, such as water and enamels from the cleaning of the spray booths, as well as ceramic material...

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FAVEMANC CERAMIC VENTILATED FACADE | 11 Our raw materials come from nature, it is intrinsic to us to care about our natural resources and we are proactive in the creation of more sustainable systems, adding value for our customers who are becoming more conscious of the impact of their consumption on the environment and sustainability. of the ceramics this can be recycled once it has come to the end of its life span. The generation of waste is minimised via the processing and homogenisation of discarded materials and their subsequent re-incorporation to the productive process. of recycled...

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12 | FAVEMANC CERAMIC VENTILATED FAÇADE WHAT IS A CERAMIC VENTILATED FAÇADE? The ventilated façade consists of a construction solution for the surroundings of the building where the air chamber is open and permits the flow of air internally. This is known commonly as the “chimney effect”. In the air chamber a form of continuous ventilation is produced, improving the hygrothermal behaviour of the surroundings, which results in an increase in the thermal and acoustic insulation inside the building. Solar radiation Dissipated solar radiation 3 Vertical mounting profile 4 Thermal insulation 5...

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FAVEMANC CERAMIC VENTILATED FACADE | 13 WHY CHOOSE A CERAMIC VENTILATED FAÇADE? Energy efficiency The choice ventilated façade for a construction solution optimises and reduces energy consumption given that a significant part of thermal bridges are suppressed, thus in certain situations more than 30% of energy can be saved. Our products have a reduced environmental impact throughout their whole life cycle. The natural origins of the clay means that during manufacture, when the project is completed and during the useful life of the panels, no type of waste or toxic products are generated...

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