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HPL Collection - 2

HPL COLLECTION Every artist needs a canvas. For Greenlam, every home is one. Greenlam takes pride in being the pioneer of trends in surface solutions across the globe. With two state of the art manufacturing facilities, Greenlam Laminates stands tall as among the top 3 manufacturers in the world, with a combined output in excess of 44.56 million square meters per annum, Greenlam’s broad range of products are widely specified and chosen in over 100 countries. Greenlam products are an evidence of its commitment towards exceptional artistry, innovation, unsurpassed quality and unyielding...

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HPL Collection - 3

Blue Galaxy Char Grey *GLS=Gloss Finish

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HPL Collection - 5

UNICORE Aimed at the growing demand for clean edges in the world of interiors, Unicore offers a through colour solution for the designer. Whilst stocked in black and white, it is also available in other colours upon request. METAL Enhance any corner, side or centre of a space with the trendsetting surfaces in Metal finish. White Black AFX Utilisation of Electron Beam technology has allowed Greenlam to develop the AFX range of laminates. The range offers the designer an option to incorporate super matt finishes without worrying about finger-print marking. More details appear on the rear...

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HPL Collection - 6

We have added 17 new decors to enhance our offering to cover the Latest design trends. Black Marmor Bianca Dust Marrone Dust Nero Dust Bianca Superstar Grigio Superstar Nero Superstar Bianca Spangle Nero Spangle Clear Mesh Smoky Mesh Meta Silver

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HPL Collection - 7

VRB Veracious Real Bark is the latest texture to be introduced by Greenlam. It has been designed to bring to life, a range of 9 new wood decors.The real look and feel of wooden surfaces is achieved whilst retaining the durable and low maintenance performance of the laminate.

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HPL Collection - 8

ESSENTIA The collection is crafted to entice your imagination with its linear textures simulating the feel of veneers. Beautifying spaces with its matt and gloss finish will be a sheer delight for onlookers.

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HPL Collection - 9

The collection has been refreshed with the addition of 4 new decors to give a perfect solution for any location.

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HPL Collection - 11

THE HPL COLLECTION DECORATIVE SURFACING AT ITS BEST The stunning variants of HPL Collection offer solid colours, wood and mineral finish to enliven the overall appeal of spaces. It is crafted for admirers of contemporary looks and urban taste making it the most preferred choice of specifiers, designers, fabricators and installers who seek newness for their projects.

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HPL Collection - 12

AFf - THE ANTI-FINGERPRINT SOLUTION Design trends for supermatt finishes have often been held back by the issue of finger-prints on surfaces. Greenlam-AFX laminates with its industry leading Electron Beam Cured (EBC) surface, now allows designers and specifiers to achieve these effects with the benefits of finger-print resistance, scratch resistance and a durable low maintenance soft-touch finish. Where • Retail Counters • Kitchen Interiors • Bathroom Interiors • Furniture and Wardrobes • Door Faces Why • Anti-Fingerprint • Produced with Electron Beam Curing (EBC) Technology • Easy to Clean...

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HPL Collection - 13

These reinforced laminates are the right choice to build ideal interiors as they are self-supporting which means that these can be used across a wide range of applications. Brought to you in a wide range of spectacular colours and easy to assemble, Greenlam Compact Laminates offer simple and stylish solutions for everyday use that will suit your every need and tastes. Why • Non Toxic • Easy to Handle • Long Term Stability • Easy to Install • Decorated both sides Where • Restroom Cubicles • Worktops • School Furniture • Partitions • Lockers • Lab Furniture • Kid's Furniture What • Size:...

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HPL Collection - 14

Greenlam brings to you a way to turn your kitchen into a piece of art. Presenting Stratus Kitchen Surface Solutions, a co-ordinated range including breakfast bars, worktops, splashbacks and upstands. A perfect blend of style, utility and durability, these temperature-neutral and easy-to-install kitchen surfaces bring your kitchen alive through countless textures and designs. Where Kitchen Interiors • Worktops • Upstand • Breakfast Bar • Shelves • Splashbacks Why • Temperature Neutral • Cost Effective: Low Installation Cost • Easy to Install • Easy to Uninstall and Reuse • Beautiful...

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HPL Collection - 15


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HPL Collection - 16

Using revolutionary GLE Technology, CLADS Exterior Grade Compact Laminates from Greenlam are treated to resist difficult weather conditions, moisture, microbes, and even fire. Along with their colour fastness, they are the perfect material for making your exteriors stand out. GLE Technology employs superior manufacturing methods with superior decor paper, along with a final special protective film, allowing Greenlam CLADS to withstand salt deposits and the elements. To form CLADS, layers of kraft paper are impregnated with halogen-free FR grade phenolic resin, with exterior grade decorative...

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HPL Collection - 17

SOLIDS IPOSTFORMABLE) "The above swatches are only for representation purpose. Actual product may vary.

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HPL Collection - 18

Safe and Healthy Living alongside Greenlam Preducts The entire range incarcerates Safeguard Plus™, a revalutianary develepment that retards the grawth af the vast majarity af camman bacteria. This means aur products are ideal far labarataries and kindergartens, ta affices and damestic environments. GREENGUARB Certificatien Program GREENLAM* laminates are classified under the Law Emitting Product categery when measured far petentially harmful emissians. This is an assurance that aur products are ideal far use in interier environments where air quality is vitally impartant. GREENGUARB Gald...

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HPL Collection - 20

W Greenlam Europe [UK] Limited Registered Office: 3 Brindley Place, Brindley Place, Birmingham, England, B1 2JB E: W: Global Headquarters: Greenlam Industries Limited, 1501-1505, Narain Manzil 23, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi-110001. T: +91 11 42791399 I E: I W: /greenlamlaminate /graenlamoi /green I amj am inales/ q /greenlam Industries

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