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Greenlam Product Catalogue - 3

GREENLAM LAMINATES MILLIONS To foray nto the nortt ol decorative lanwnalcs rerjurcs a OF PLEASED «s»oa Wtten the tn*iu»9duii>a process leads »tne rmai customers. product and cwqQMg Is irencutousy inspected tor quality; freertom laminates come Into ntetence Our •Grewi' __________ THOUSANDS vision to produce eeMriendly laminates delivered durability OF DECOR A wth proase cratt vsfvcn later-or tirwd into an eprtcme oil SURFACE success SOLUTIONS. UNUMITED CHOICES. WHEN YOU SEE A Q (PLAY BUTTON) INSIDE, FOLLOW THESE 3 EASY STEPS: Here's the future of surface solutions. step^L...

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Greenlam Product Catalogue - 4

WE ARE ASKING YOU 10 EXPtC I MORr FROM US. ALWAYS. Unrivalled reach G iVE EVERY SPACE ~HE ' EXPRESSIONS Ills I»nr«t Bmrutc -BimtaTnntKi carpair# n Asia ana amain Up 3 lariiiate tinrik in 11k Miltd. Bwnbin I cuKtesLId Is Die most pnsfenrxd i±uicM far AirHiileirts indthecbrarnngciirKurTEft diko-atiim it arvstn Hcraavni wrboaaolilliHB. Gmariamisitir -in-urrhhnnring iMtamatcnsI tanas r tanlrtete iteanns to India. I'a-sormtnrKtij itfcml :«isl lm iki'ibiJii 2 li^ufe i urjKjil,It, I m knfntirp, ..m" T'stbrrl Keeping ideas green Item htyind r»; nit m Itemspp woe t> naira ard Creativity has no rule:...

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Greenlam Product Catalogue - 5

NOTHING LESS THAN THE BEST ALWAYS. Mate gaace lor surfaces that earn (or ytu Kno* stay Defil'd Lrtratoblr 10 year warranty Retmaglne your spaces vrttn uncommon OsaUjrK TPa Idea la to Dresden access to GRCCN LA'ISG wwruynrwwyi twaae numMCtfMitv Ttfsh r%mw •*»i**r»*Yh(*»J • JUfcdiltaUI tt »5 IlM tv* in **• trrrrtm n m*y • kyxilVM fWO f tool* I • 3ax? Rntrat • Ottl^ • •Vilircvanncstnf *.M i Irin# Itwtn j k«4 nek’ ot M itrtB.w M*ui(k«t Hi** tiatf to Tracts W tvossja arm TTa iixiwvJt* ^.C -Vtc-A tn f« irww.wi a :iaAnVkiiii L»*os.b ut-V+1SJV4 ^unMrinJcn ►» tCTOnWIQlt <«*^to7» jh.Sjio.Ik,XII to...

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Greenlam Product Catalogue - 6

ABSTRACT DESIGNS This Uslifc Pntncoi StaeCtf hIu Twill trtnnil Irtcrwa*: SJtCUJ ^DOWWair D:;rjrv;r r/b'trr H.»:> Srtw««l Cdtilm Mai.irfeO^sclcm Atcrt;nr -tr.vrtxi Suct< Gteb QOLrtlY'ATMt Atn^rtr bU Synch* il SOLID TEXTURED Symbols used O 3«||!4tys«4ilik; fi5 > 12‘ f ^imim '*ta Creij- H sfi rrri lr H'- fcfcir

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Greenlam Product Catalogue - 8

HD gloss Now. you! spaces will loll a shining story with Greenlant HD gloss laminates Hie beauty ot this gloss laminate lies m its stuidness and vereatse application • Best Gloss In Tho Town • Abrasion Resistant • MAR Resistant • Scratch Resistant 04 HD gloss Reflect your style in your spaces. SCAN & EXPERIENCE

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Greenlam Product Catalogue - 11

in Unicore laminates There is no place for darkness.

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Greenlam Product Catalogue - 12

Synchro There is no lie in a touch. Synchro There Is no he in a touch. Little crevices. Sight ndges. Some ups and some downs The Synchro Collection brings the exact kx* and ted ol the original crown pattern. Embossed to the perfection, this collection is a true reflection ol a real wood In your world.

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Greenlam Product Catalogue - 17

21 Designer collection Discover a world ol possibilities

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Greenlam Product Catalogue - 36


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Greenlam Product Catalogue - 41

ZD Stone collection Unveil the secrets of nature.

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Greenlam Product Catalogue - 44

Pearlescent Welcome flawlessly perfected designs for spudding purity in your spaces The Pearlescent Collection Is a creation marked by elegance Now. create pleasing interior sellings Pearlescent collection The rare blend of beauty and purity

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Greenlam Product Catalogue - 47

22 Textile collection Weave a story ol splendid textures.

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Greenlam Product Catalogue - 50

Stucco collection Play in the vibrant mode. HurtiiM unto me eO»L until t* Steco Catotim is pofccty fnitod Id gw a shier pSMrn to f>j ntoiois. Go toU Go SUE m3 s>t*ve nMU patoOMM rat our turtle U tonrukn cflo

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Greenlam Product Catalogue - 53

SOLID popular 107 (PTO) WOOL©

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Greenlam Product Catalogue - 54

172 UGHT PMK® 168 PMK®

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Greenlam Product Catalogue - 55

ONumoa Rnreh Design Name Page Here CokrmrQ GOO© Mm Mm Mm MhoUhMUii AtrsoU* » NnUBMvh Norf Upon Nay Mysore Nay Mysore Nay Mysore May Sa-d Cyctne CyeBne Moon Same Me) <00 MxlAan Re«e 8o«b Beye Bnwti Oosni Oaonea Caere* COe Tiasm Tim Send nan Send Dm Send HOlPlm to USpHRed MrornPn U*IP** Boh* EM Bane Fir* ChoaMl Cnocntoe Orator; cnocmue Ntooon Maroon Had Had Rad RedDyrasa, Red Dynast) Bnck DinrMw MeMn Manso fringe LgntCrarye Lgnfrerge LgWOranjo DulPMt Dull** Pern pink Wnt Me OomYWnv KMOtxr SeefreK Snafraar Dart Gram Ptsa DuXI: Ginn leaf Green GnsnGrer Bryht Glean Bryld...

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Greenlam Product Catalogue - 56

9 Number Emm DeeiBn Name Page Nn> CoAtmnQ O O O 0 OOQO ONianber Ftnati Deign Name Page Ron Cokrmn O O O OOI O.Number Elman Deaiyii Name Pege Row CoUnn Q O surer uterow » i Sleameo taoee X Bakd tie <eeu> Tree 24 LyonWNnut X I FteeartPenw X I OdreCheny X I APFDl-A PF • • • WerutSiom* IS teDrote to

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Greenlam Product Catalogue - 57

GREENLAM DOORS SPECIAL RANGE - 3’ X T GREENLAM COMPACT LAMINATE RANGE - 6’X 67 6’XI2’ Design Nane Witt w* MM Wed Vywre Wy Wflorefwry Mean Stone Vulton Begc Amend Be, Drama Meioor RMOirac, OmoWtw I tftl Oirv Uirn Orange OtfkGrwn Cutiii Green Ume DetkGray Gray Ain Gray Cue StotrGray UPlOn. PreNul Peal Grey Bu BecSKBue ZltfiyiBuc Hut Bd Boct B*» EirapeenWiraHn c* Sn* Bell Wane Dongas Fra Weave wau AnawO» veaSh* UeOlneGrey Back Sea Peart PhUortMn* LarareWanu Drama. Uwc WikeLrCl larch Wx» BnoU Wakiul Wi'ScrUj RMOafc Ural* 0« CatoPnera yAxjutiii Plum Hers* Ora nowdeOra Mysore iwty Star Stoic urn...

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Greenlam Product Catalogue - 58

TECHNICAL specification Greenlam High Pressure Laminates Note. All Sample a/s in Suede finish unless mentioned. © Design available in Pusi Forming grade also © Greeniam Doors Special also available in 3' x 7 © Compact Laminates also available in 6J x 12' © Design also available in 4.25' xlCT © Design also available in 5'x 12' p Premium New Desgn Highlited in Red Cdoor LIABJUrV Whereas the products are manirtiDturad to exacting aandartfe, the nature of the application procedure is beyond our control. While we are pleased to offer advice, we cannot guarantee the finishing results or accept...

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