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Exterior Compact Cladding


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Exterior Compact Cladding - 1

Impeccably designed exterior grade compact panels with light fastness property, revolutionary GLE technology • 3 layers ol protection that withstands extreme weather conditions, The beauty and endurance ol Greenlam Clads lasts for a lifetime.

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Exterior Compact Cladding - 4

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS FOR EXTERIOR GRADE COMPACT LAMINATES CREENLAM ClADS LIGHT FASTNESS AND WEATHER RESISTANCE FIRE PERFORMANCE PROPERTIES International Offices: Australia mfo.aoBgneenlam com Chino info.cn9grQGnlam.coni Hong Kong: info.hfc&greenlarTvcom India Indonesia: info-dBgreanlem com Maiuyow fcast. Malaysia West: info Myanmar: info mmogreentamcom Philippines£grveokirn com Taiwan$grt»anlam com The-and: LiAE: info UK Info.tkagreenlamoom Vietnam: Gtcfca1...

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