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Innovation for customer success ”Over the past three decades GRAITEC has evolved from a dynamic and innovative CAD, CAE and BIM software author, delivering cutting edge technology and BIM implementation and support services to the AEC industry, to one of the largest Autodesk® Partners and Value Added Resellers in the world. We now have twenty six offices in all major countries around the globe making it easier for customers to access our unrivaled BIM deployment and customercentric support services. Seven of our European offices hold Autodesk® Platinum Partner status defining GRAITEC as one...

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Leaders first Innovative international BIM, CAE and CAD software developer Autodesk® Platinum Partner in seven countries across Europe Global Autodesk® reseller & developer of productivity tools for Revit®

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► Founded in 1986 by owner CEO Francis Guillemard ► 30 years delivering quality innovative CAD, BIM & design technology solutions ► 40% growth in 2014 compared with 2013 ► 26 offices globally within easy reach of our customers ► Leading Autodesk® Platinum Partner across 7 countries in Europe ► Global Autodesk® Developer Partner delivering industry-specific performance tools ► Estimated over one million projects delivered using GRAITEC technology ► Thousands of satisfied customers in over 80 countries ► Extensive BIM technology portfolio AEC, Manufacturing & Infrastructure solutions ► Proven...

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Success first Global network of authorized GRAITEC partners & sellers Over 300 experts ready to help you succeed 70 60 GRAITEC becomes Autodesk® Platinum Partner across Europe GRAITEC acquires : MicroCAD-UK ERA3-Italy, Robobat-Poland HPC-SA-France GRAITEC launches Advance Design, Advance Steel and Advance Concrete* Suites Annual Turnover * Advance Steel and Advance Concrete were acquired by Autodesk® in November 2013 and are wholly owned by Autodesk® and are available on the market as Autodesk® Advance Steel and Autodesk Advance Concrete.

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A AUTODESK. Platinum Partner A designation of confidence Autodesk® Partners are tiered based on their level of product and solutions expertise, services capability and overall customer satisfaction. Autodesk® Platinum Partner status is the highest, indicating a significant investment in consulting and development services, allowing customers to identify partners who have demonstrated an ability to deliver the highest level of solution expertise, service, support and customer satisfaction. With seven European offices holding Autodesk® Platinum Partner status, GRAITEC is one of the largest...

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Partners first Steel and concrete partners Autodesk® ISV (Independent Software Vendor) partners develop purpose-built industry specific software applications and bundle these with Autodesk® platform technology. Autodesk® ISV partners are recognized for their unique industry knowledge and high level of product and service capability. GRAITEC is a global Autodesk® Authorized ISV partner for: Autodesk technology experts CAD BRIDGE making the difference DESIGN ADVANCE BIM CONNECT for Autodesk Revit Developing purpose-built productivity BIM CONNECT CADKON As the original authors of Advance Steel...

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Why BIM? Why now? Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an intelligent model-centric process that delivers immeasurable potential value across the entire lifecycle of a project. Synonymous with building design, the benefits of BIM are easily applied to every industry sector and at every stage of the process. With clear and measurable immediate cost savings and longer term efficiency benefits, BIM is fast becoming a mandated process by Governments and rapidly adopted by businesses of all types and sizes across the globe. Bridge Engineering AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction)...

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Construction first Implementing BIM with success Discover Successfully implementing BIM into your business requires much more than simply purchasing modeling software from the nearest reseller. Technically competent software is a factor of course but BIM implementation is different for each organization and done correctly, implementing BIM will positively impact your bottom line from the start. GRAITEC has a proven blueprint for working with SMEs and Blue Chip businesses that helps discover how to successfully transition from your ‘current environment’ to a proficient ‘BIMcentric...

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A solution for business GRAITEC completes Autodesk® solutions with a focus on simulation and fabrication technologies and processes that add performance and construction intelligence to the BIM model. The real power of BIM goes beyond the physical characteristics of the structure. Assigning simulation results and practical constructability to the model, that can be utilized across all stages of the project, cultivates informed business decisions from the design office to the workshop. There is little point defining detailed analysis and fabrication data in the central BIM model if this...

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Technology first Simulation GRAITEC continues its role as a leading engineering technology developer across Europe and North America, delivering high-end simulation and finite element analysis solutions for the construction, structural and civil engineering industries. GRAITEC is also a major Autodesk® Developer Innovative technology drives your business Partner and offers a range of productivity extensions for Autodesk® Revit® with a strong focus on ‘design-driven’ engineering tools to automate model, drawing and report creation. As the demand for robust seismic structures increases and...

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Professional quality training With over ten thousand days a year spent educating users, GRAITEC training courses are delivered to an exceptionally high standard by product and industry experienced experts in well-equipped first class facilities. GRAITEC delivers a wide range of technical training courses to large and small companies alike, on and off site or at any of its 26 branches or network of offices worldwide, ensuring professional training is within easy reach of your office. GRAITEC also proudly carries Autodesk® Authorized Training Center (ATC) status as a clear reflection of...

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