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day Seating + Table Collection GGI Office Furniture is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Global Group of Canada, one of the largestmulti-national manufacturers and distributors of office furniture and seating products in the world. In this catalogue you will find a broad range of our everyday seating. Other catalogues catering specifically for the corporate, education, hospitality and, healthcare sectors are also GGI Office Furniture was established some fourteen years ago and are based in a purpose built production and showroom facility in the UK. The heart of our business is the desire to...

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The Sara family of task chairs is available with mid, high and executive back options. There are both twin and three lever mechanisms, and three arm options: fixed height, height adjustable and the new multi function adjustable arm, which folds away when not in use.

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Sara now includes a 24 hour chair with weight loading to 150kgs and tested to BS5459. A robust three lever mechanism and seat slide as standard, together with the same three arm options. A mid back draughting chair with adjustable footring is supplied with a straight back, or with the hinged check-out back when space is an issue. A complementary cantilever visitor chair tested to BS15373 and a four leg conference chair make up this broad range of high specification, value for money seating. All other Sara chairs are tested to BS1335 for eight hour use and upto 110kgs weight loading,...

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//Identify the task and Identity will have the solution. Incorporating two sizes of back with a distinctive square shape for extra support and comfort. Three arm options are available, fixed, adjustable and multi-function adjustable arms that fold back. The three lever mechanism and seat slide are standard. Both models can be supplied with our air adjustable lumbar pump system as featured below. Black base and components are standard. All swivel models have a 150kgs weight loading and can be used in 24 hour

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Attractive and supportive with a sleek profile. Spirit seating features a hammock style padded back that is suspended over a steelframe. The hammock changes shape to evenly support the entire torso. This translates into exceptional comfort for every user, and provides extra support in the lumbar area. There are two seat mechanisms, a standard tilt or a knee tilt. A chrome base option is also available. Both models are available with fabric, leather or mesh back.

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Ilk management task chair available in three options, with a complementary visitor armchair. The Adept Contract chair can be fitted with fixed or height adjustable arms. The Adept GT and Executive chairs are supplied with height/width adjustable arms and seat slide as standard. All models are rated to

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//This versatile tub chair and sofa is ideal for both receptions and bedrooms. The tub chair is also used around meeting tables. Majic is available with a choice of open or closed front, single or two seater options and complementary upholstered round table.

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Casper soft furnishings give your reception area the contemporary look with Choose from a wide range of fabrics or a leather faced option, Casper gives your reception area the luxury feel at an affordable price.

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Sample configurations using Cabby reception seating. [PS1046R] [PS1046] [PS1046-60]

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//Fully upholstered and versatile. Cabby is the ideal choice for modular reception seating. Available with an armchair option, and both 30° and 60° curved links. This popular and flexible design can be configured to your exact reguirements. The table can be free standing or used as a link.

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Elegant styling highlights the Flam series and projects the right image with this range of lounge The fully upholstered Flam collection gives the right impression every time with this classic design. A sturdy hardwood frame combined with fully sprung upholstery - built from within, built to last.

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//The Easi-Chair range was developed for halls of residence within universities, but is equally at home in any reception or break out area. Available with or without arms, Easi-Chair is supplied with a silver frame as standard. Black and gold frames

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Ilk curved beech veneer range of modular or stand alone reception and meeting chairs. Available with or without arms, and options of left and right arm only. Matching rectangular and sguare reception tables complete the range.

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//Traditional low level reception furnishings. This range of upholstered seating and low level reception table is made from solid wood. Offering single and two seater options, wih or without arms. [PS1347A] futurawood [PS1346] futurawood [PS1350] [PS1346A] [PS1347] p | 22_23

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Two ranges of distinctive wood seating. Ribble or Titan, the choice is yours. For conference or meeting rooms these two fully upholstered seating options are available with or without arms.

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[PS2322] //A range of distinctive wood seating. For conference or meeting rooms this fully upholstered seating is available with or without arms. saturnwood [PS2321] saturnwood

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Cambridge oxford Here are two robust wooden armchair designs fit to grace any busy conference situation, day rooms and reception areas. The Cambridge has a distinctive flared arm shape, whilst Oxford features a higher back with more traditional loop arms.

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When the going gets tough, use Metal Beam. are endless. The beam units are available in two, three and four position options. Add chairs, with or without arms, upholstered seats and backs, as well as a table unit to create your own combination.

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[BM900S3] beam, [BMFLS] legs, two [BM900BS] chairs, two pairs [BM900FA] arms, [BM900BT] table metalbeam p | 28_29

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dalby beam [PSBM400S3] beam, [PSFML] legs and three[ PSBM450] chairs //All chair models can be used on four different beam lengths, with both fixed and flip seat options. Writing tablets are available for conference and training situations. A table can also be fitted to the beam with a choice of flat or floor fixing legs. dalby beam [PSBM400S3] beam, [PSFFL] legs and three [PSBM430TU] tip up seat chairs with three [PSMNA2WTR] tablets and one [PSBAZ] arm p | 30_31

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