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corporate - 2

GGI Office Furniture is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Global Group of Canada, one of the largest multi-national manufacturers and distributors of office furniture and seating products in the world. In this catalogue you will find task seating, reception and executive chairs created by some of the leading designers in the world, including the renowned Zooey Chu. Most of these products are created and manufactured exclusively by GGI and The Global Group of Canada. GGI Office Furniture was established some fourteen years ago and are based in a purpose built production and showroom facility...

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[2851-3] executive high back multi tiLter with headrest [2852-3] high back multi tilter

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As comfortable as your favourite pair of shoes... Aspen has a universal level of comfort and sit' for all body sizes and types. It is also a fully-featured seating series that provides the user with the ability to fine tune everything from lumbar support to the depth and width or the armrests. Specifiers will also appreciate the contemporary styling and balanced proportions that give Aspen a timeless appearance in any interior setting ■

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[2760-4] executive high back titter [2761-4] high back titter

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karizma _The living chair… Karizma features the ‘true response system’ which allows the seat and back to flex and respond to changes in sitting positions, positively encouraging constant movement. Designed by Zooey Chu, Karizma also features a polished aluminium back frame, arms and base I p | 06_07

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corporate - 8

[4516-1] executive high back with headrest 4517-1 high back management chair

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Adjustability, style and comfort... another Zooey Chu creation, Metrus is an executive and managerial seating series. The deeply sculptured seat and back, with adjustable lumbar support, provide the user with customised support for perfect fit'. The polished aluminium frame can be specified with a choice of two arm options ■

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corporate - 10

[2670-2] high back knee titter [2671-2] mid back knee titter

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accord Elegant and refined seating… created by the renowned designer Zooey Chu. With a detailed sling back polished aluminium arm, the rolled and pleated upholstery is available in an array of fabrics and leather. Clean and simple lines make Accord the perfect choice. A true classic I p | 10_11

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[2631-1] [2621-1] fully upholstered task chair [2601-1] polymer back task chair mesh back task chair

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ride _Ride to work and shift into gear… the smooth synchronous action maintains constant contact and support for your body in all postures. Shift levers at the side of the seat adjust the chair with effortless precision. Four back options change the look and feel of the chair from a general office task chair through to the directors suite I p | 12_13

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corporate - 14

3371 fully upholstered soft seating armchair in a contemporary style [3357] rectangular coffee table

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corporate - 15

Often the first stop for your guests. Sirena will always make a meaningful impression. deal for the reception, meeting rooms and breakout areas, the Sirena club chair for relaxed comfort ■

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corporate - 16

[3361] fully upholstered soft seating armchair in a contemporary style [3363] three seater sofa [3356] corner table [3358] coffee table

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corporate - 17

wind _A contemporary update to the classic ‘tuxedo’ chair, the wind footprint is designed to take up less space without sacrificing comfort. The chrome tubular base gives a lighter more graceful interpretation of this timeless sofa range I p | 16_17

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corporate - 18

2409 presidential chair [2424] high back executive and 24/7 chair [2425] mid back executive and 24/7 chair

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corporate - 19

Adjust at the push of a button... the Concorde range The presidential is offered in our most luxurious leathers with contrasting stitch detail. High and low back 24hr Concorde accommodates all sizes including large and tall persons

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corporate - 20

[2438-16] high back multi titter 24/7 chair Comfortable support for every body type Maxima II I is a multi-adjustable 24-hour chair which features I a removable seat, and has weight loading of up to I

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corporate - 21

[SP2000UPY] chair with fully upholstered seat and back Space: a dramatic and funky design for your reception, breakout and relax areas ■

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corporate - 23

Space: a contemporary, versatile and elegant chair with very original lines Space works well individually or linked, and can be simply re-configured to meet your changing needs ■

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corporate - 24

Affordable luxury combined with traditional elegance to enhance any reception area. Midtown features a smooth, curved back. Rolled arms bring a distinctive look to this range of reception seating and the range is complemented with a distinctive circular table.

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corporate - 25

[3341] fully upholstered lounge chair with fixed cushions [3342] fully upholstered two seat sofa with fixed cushions [3343] fully upholstered three seat sofa with fixed cushions PS1040R complementary table

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corporate - 26

[5440-1] high back synchronised glider [5441-1] mid back synchronised glider

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corporate - 27

obus ultraforme Doctor designed comfort… and it looks good. Ultraforme is the latest seating design from Obus and GGI. This chair is clinically proven to reduce back and neck pain, fatigue and headaches With the patented ‘moller’ back support, the spinal column is fully supported and maintains a natural lower spine configuration I p | 26_27

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corporate - 28

The chair the world has been aching for... The Obusforme back care system was born in the late 70s and ten years later Global developed The only back support to be endorsed by chiropractors, the uniquely shaped polycarbonate frame helps reduce back strain by guiding your back into a correct, healthy posture. The backrest continuously supports the natural lazy 'S' curve of your spine, flexing as you move in any direction. Invest in Obusforme as a reliable and preventative

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corporate - 29

44500JWA high back task chair with height and width adjustable ergogel armcaps [4452FA] mid back task chair with fixed arms 4416] cantilever chair with arms [4417] cantilever chair

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corporate - 30

Obusforme Executive offers the same patented design technology of the Obusforme chair, but now with sumptuous stitched leather seat and back. Character with style, and it's good for your health as well. The directors office, the presidential suite or the boardroom, Obusforme Executive delivers.

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