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Product Catalogue 2024 - 3

Long live summer! Spending time outside and enjoying the days until evening falls. This is how we make the most of life under the open sky – aided by Glatz parasols. We track the movement of the sun and break new ground time and again so we can offer you fascinating designs, innovative technologies and quality that’s second to none. Glatz parasols are never left in the shade when it comes to their aesthetics, function and convenience. With 19 models in different formats, 70 unique colours and more than 20,000 possible combinations, we provide comfort and shade for individuals and companies,...

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Product Catalogue 2024 - 4

Our values “I like it here!” Ideally: “I feel at home here!” When describing the atmosphere of a particular place, one intuitively draws on one’s own feelings. And this happens long before one tries to describe an ambience with objective parameters such as size, acoustics, panorama, light or warmth. This sense of well-being in the outdoor area is our ultimate goal. It has as much to do with craftsmanship as it does with stylistic confidence. Both are based on our longstanding experience as a Swiss family business. Because, for more than 125 years we have been designing and building parasols...

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Product Catalogue 2024 - 5

For the patio and garden We know how important your home is to you. We therefore make parasols which reflect your personal style to perfection: from the futuristic swimming pool landscape to the garden behind the house. Our parasols are timeless, functional and durable. And for many long summers, a highlight in the most beautiful summer residence in the world – your garden. For hotels and restaurants With a parasol from Glatz, you can transform the outside area of your restaurant into an indoor area. After all, the durability and functionality of our parasols gives you and your guests...

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Product Catalogue 2024 - 7

Colours and Fabric Quality 88 Accessories, service and contact 91

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Product Catalogue 2024 - 8

This model of parasol is particularly suitable for the demanding nature of everyday life in the hospitality industry. It can be customised in terms of its colour, shape and size and combined with other models. Lawn Due to its functionality and robustness as well as its ability to be fixed into the lawn, this model of parasol is strongly recommended for lawns small and large. Whether big, small, square or rectangular - this model adapts to the hTrl conditions on the patio and sets highlights out-of-doors. Balcony \~\~\ This model and its adjustment options give shade to the very last mnn...

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Product Catalogue 2024 - 9

Fastening solutions Base This type of parasol can be fastened to a base or a pedestal with added weight. The location can also be changed at any time, without any mounting work. This can be fastened with a clip which is designed not to damage the pole. Ground socket If the parasol is to be fixed firmly in one place, a ground socket which is set in concrete is recommended. Trip hazards are avoided due to the full integration of the parasol in the area of seating. Lawn spike This model can be fixed to a new location in the soft ground within a very short time with a lawn spike which is sunk...

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Product Catalogue 2024 - 11

The classic parasol since 1931

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Product Catalogue 2024 - 12

The classic parasol since 1931 Alexo is an icon. For over 90 years, this quintessential parasol has perfectly combined design and functionality. Made of Swiss ash wood and featuring a gear joint, its pole as well as its domed parasol roof make it a real classic for sunny days. Thanks to the tilt action of up to 90° and Alexo’s ability to rotate around its own axis, creating shade becomes child’s play. At 200 to 220 centimetres in diameter, Alexo is also the ideal parasol when space is limited. Its break-proof ribs, the iconic and high-quality ash wood mast and a solid gear joint, made of...

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Product Catalogue 2024 - 13

Usage locations Type of fastening

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Product Catalogue 2024 - 16

The long-lasting wooden parasol The continuous pole and robust frame made of eucalyptus wood give Piazzino its authentic aura and strong stability. Yet our high-quality wooden parasol also impresses with its ease of use: thanks to a pulley system, it is quick and effortless to operate. Honest, practical, Swiss. Timeless elegance, ease of use and reliability are what make Piazzino so popular. Its durable eucalyptus wood and the use of extremely robust plastic for highly stressed components such as the crown, runner and top are what give it its long service life. Its fabric is always under...

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Product Catalogue 2024 - 17

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Product Catalogue 2024 - 19

The elegant masterpiece in precious timber

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Product Catalogue 2024 - 20

The elegant masterpiece in precious timber Aesthetic, elegant and valuable. Teakwood is the Rolls-Royce of wooden parasols. Untreated teak, high-quality leather flaps for stowing the rope, a double pulley system, leather-reinforced fabric corners and protective metal caps on the rib ends – this is the legacy of unique parasol-making craftsmanship. The double pulley system allows for quick and easy opening of this parasol, which is offered exclusively in the higher-quality fabric grades 4 or 5. The runner is heigh adjustable and is secured with a metal pin, which is attached with a chain....

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Product Catalogue 2024 - 21

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Product Catalogue 2024 - 22

Colour: 684 Urban Shadow

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Product Catalogue 2024 - 23

NEW SMART Our modern compact parasol with a minimalist design

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Product Catalogue 2024 - 24

The epitome of outstanding design and functionality, the new Smart model is built for a modern lifestyle. Its simple design with a handy runner for opening, the option to tilt the parasol roof in both directions, 360° rotation of the upper pole and stepless height adjustment make our new, flexible centre-pole parasol the perfect choice, even where space is limited. In combination with the powder-coated aluminium profile in white or anthracite, the flat ribs with their sophisticated ball and socket joints create the modern, floating aesthetic of the parasol roof. The mechanical heart of the...

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Product Catalogue 2024 - 25

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Product Catalogue 2024 - 27

The ergonomically complete design purist

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Product Catalogue 2024 - 28

The ergonomically complete design purist The flat parasol roof, handy crank and ergonomic swivel mechanism reflect our ambition to create sustainable inventions. Twist is easy and convenient to open at hip height with just a few rotations of the crank, offers stepless tilt adjustment thanks to the rotary handle, and can be rotated 360° using the practical clamping lever. The epitome of simple yet elegant parasol design. Together with the flat parasol roof, the white and anthracite powder-coated aluminium frame and ribs create a modern, floating look. The high-quality canopy is...

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