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Anticipation means knowing what’s coming. Door intercom system

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Gira Door Intercom Systems - 2

We are Gira. We are the ones with the switches. But we're so much more. Future-oriented. Certified. Responsible. We're the guardians, innovators, smart home pioneers, developers, systems thinkers, KNX partners, shapers of the future, patent masters, award winners and designers. But above all, we're the ones who listen. To you. Subtle, but smart. With distinct focus on quality, materials and functions. And the driving force of innovation. In our hearts, we are engineers on a mission to inspire. With new technologies, smart applications, and impressive attention to detail. We will always work...

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Gira Door Intercom Systems - 3

Indoor products Gira surface-mounted home station 7 Gira surface-mounted home stations Gira G1 Gira mobile App & Gira DCS IP gateway Outdoor products Gira System 106 Gira stainless steel door station Gira TX_44 Gira Keyless In Retrofitting & Gira DCS camera Configurators Service Company

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Gira Door Intercom Systems - 4

Door intercom systems / Increase your security. Not your stress level. When the bell rings, you only need a minute. A quick glance at the door intercom system from Gira and you’ll be prepared for whoever is on your doorstep – from unexpected visitors to parcel couriers bearing gifts

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Gira Door Intercom Systems - 5

03 With numerous products to choose from - for indoors and outdoors, with or without video, for Smart Homes, single and multifamily homes -you can increase security at home and upgrade to comfort class. And their modern design and high-quality workmanship mean that the Gira door intercom system meets the highest design standards and functional requirements.

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Gira Door Intercom Systems - 6

Door intercom systems / Outdoor products & Gira System 106 You don’t get a second chance at a first impression. Why wait until guests are inside before showing your sense of style? Gira door intercom systems offer reliable technology – and a dash of design flair

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Gira Door Intercom Systems - 7

04 Mix and match designs and functions. Excellent design and maximum flexibility – the modular Gira System 106 lets you build your door intercom system just the way you want it. 01 01 he door station module is a complete T hands-free unit equipped with call button, microphone and speaker. 02 he call-button module has up to four T call buttons. 03 ccupants and visitors communicate O via the intercom module. 04 he powerful camera module with elegant T black glass plate. 05 he info module shows your house number, T street name or company logo. 06 he display module with easily T understandable...

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Gira Door Intercom Systems - 8

Door intercom systems / Outdoor products / High-tech. With looks to match. Gira System 106 – highlights, facts and benefits: Standardised dimensions of 106.5 × 106.5 mm per module mean that all components can be combined flexibly and arranged vertically, horizontally or as a square. Intercom system with background noise suppression. Camera with backlight compensation. Camera heating is switched on as required. Compatible with all Gira home stations and door communication solutions. For new buildings and existing buildings. Gira inscription service for a perfect, elegant lo

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Gira Door Intercom Systems - 9

Available finishes: Stainless steel, seawater-resistant stainless steel V4A, aluminium, and traffic white, lacquered Four different design finishes let you adapt the Gira System 106 to your personal taste and varying requirements. The black glass plate camera module also gives it a modern look. The design finishes can be exchanged independently of the underlying technology.

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Gira Door Intercom Systems - 10

Door intercom systems / Outdoor products / Gira door stations The perfect couple. Choose from a range including the Renz Plan S letterbox series for wall instal lation, the free-stand ing Renz letterbox pedestal and the myRENZbox parcel box system. A stylish and convenient way to receive parcels even when you are absent. Gira System 106 with RENZ letterbox system – highlights, facts and benefits: Integration in Renz letterbox systems. All functions required at the front door, compactly in one place. Insulated letter flap with noise damping. Available in a variety of material

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Gira Door Intercom Systems - 11

The height of elegance and durability - the Gira door station with high-quality stainless steel front plate has a captivating, modern appearance and a particularly weather-resistant exterior. With versions for up to twelve residential units, it is ideal for both single and multi-family homes. Gira stainless steel door station -highlights, facts and benefits: Front plate made of 3 mm thick V2A stainless steel. Almost flush transition from the front plate to the name plate. Secure, concealed design of speaker and microphone. Optionally with colour camera with automatic backlight compensation....

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Gira Door Intercom Systems - 12

Door intercom systems / Outdoor products / Gira TX_44 & Gira KeylessIn Timeless design. Enduring quality. The Gira door station in the Gira TX_44 design line combines a timeless appearance with sturdy, weatherproof workmanship. The basic equipment includes a speaker, microphone and doorbell with white LED backlighting. Further components such as a colour camera or info module can easily be added as desired. Modules for the Gira TX_44 door station: 01 Call button, 1-gang 02 Call button, 3-gang 03 Colour camera 04 Speaker and microphone 05 Info module Gira TX_44 -highlights, facts and...

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Gira Door Intercom Systems - 13

And the highly responsive Gira KeylessIn keypad allows access after you enter your personal combination of numbers. The Gira KeylessIn solutions offer two convenient and secure ways for you to open your front door: with a fingerprint, or inputting a code. The Gira KeylessIn fingerprint uses the latest high-frequency technology to reliably identify your unique fingerprint. Gira KeylessIn variants: 01 Gira KeylessIn fingerprint and Gira TX_44, anthracite 02 Gira KeylessIn fingerprint and Gira TX_44, colour aluminium 03 Gira KeylessIn keypad and Gira TX_44, pure white Gira KeylessIn...

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Gira Door Intercom Systems - 14

Door intercom systems / Indoor products / Gira home stations Blending designer looks with home convenience. With a Gira door intercom system, you can treat yourself to a dash of style and a warm sense of security.

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