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We are the ones with the switches. But we’re so much more. Brand world

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Gira Brand World - 3

We are Gira. We are the ones with the switches. But we're so much more. Future-oriented. Certified. Responsible. We're the guardians, innovators, Smart Home pioneers, developers, systems thinkers, KNX partners, shapers of the future, patent masters, award winners and designers. But above all, we're the ones who listen. To you. Subtle, but smart. With distinct focus on quality, materials and functions. And the driving force of innovation. In our hearts, we are engineers on a mission to inspire. With new technologies, smart applications, and impressive attention to detail. We will always work...

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Gira Brand World - 4

And in between, we turn on life. “ very innovation can only ever be E a esponse – a response to r what drives each and every product development: people.” Dirk Giersiepen Managing Pa

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Gira Brand World - 5

Off. Smart Home Smart Home System Operating elements Light control Shading Climate control Security Entertainment Switch design & function Service Company

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Gira Brand World - 6

Brand world / Smart Home Where intelligence and emotion complement each other.

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Gira Brand World - 7

Humans are mobile, networked and self-determined. Their demands are increasing – especially within their own four walls. Gira is not only keeping pace with this development, it is always one step ahead with its Smart Home products and focus on persons and their needs. Innovation is not about what we can do, but rather about doing everything we can do in order that you can do something. Today is the new tomorrow. What is decided today must still be valid tomorrow, or be able to adapt to new conditions. It must be smart. Be modular. After all, it is not every day you select the nervous system...

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Gira Brand World - 8

Brand world / Smart Home / System overview Smart life. Based on a systematic approach. Komfort (Bluetooth) With us, the choice is yours. Regardless of whether it is a renovation project or a new building: Gira offers a flexible modular system for all construction or economic require ments, which can be individually adapted to your options or future plans. Komfort (wireless) The perfect introduction to your Smart Home: control light, shade and heating from the sofa via Bluetooth or simulate absence by setting lighting and blind operating times. For quick installation and retrofitting without...

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Gira Brand World - 9

04Premium (KNX) High End (KNX) Network your house and program personal scenes for the lights, blinds, temperature or music. The HomeServer manages and logs information in your house comprehensively: climate, multimedia devices, security and if you like, even your sprinkler system. Gira HomeServer Controls — Lighting — Window and door monitoring — Heating / ventilation / air conditioning — Measurement and control — Blinds / roller shutters / awning — Audio — Value input — Scenes — Browser integration — Camera — Weather forecast Controls — Lighting — Window and door monitoring — Heating /...

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Gira Brand World - 10

Brand world / Smart Home / Operating elements More than just on and off. Our operating concepts also take networking in account.

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Gira Brand World - 11

Intelligence adapts to the environment? Ours controls it. You have all the options. With just a single touch. Mood preprogrammed with an app. Regardless of whether it's an eNet or KNX system: With the intelligent G1 operating element, lights, blinds, heating and much more can be controlled intuitively. Using a timer,you can pre-programselected functions and also use a presence simulation when you're away to protect against burglary. With the Gira KNX pushbutton sensor 4, you can control the heating, air conditioning, blinds and lights. And you can not only control individual elements, you...

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Gira Brand World - 12

Brand world / Light control

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Gira Brand World - 13

Light has a strong influence on our well-being. To create a high level of living comfort, we should be able to adapt the ambience to our individual wishes. Bring more of the day into the night. Or night into day. Light is limitless. Now controlling it is too. The Gira dimmer ensures a pleasant ambience with its infinitely variable setting, while also saving energy. With our Gira light control, rooms can be accentuated atmospherically or precisely illuminated. Gira offers a multitude of operating options, depending on the system: You have the choice of whether you want to switch or dim...

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Gira Brand World - 14

Brand world / Light control Feel safe all around. With its new technology, the Gira Cube motion detector ensures comprehensive security in outdoor areas. Sensors for the detection of thermal movement cause the outdoor lighting to be switched on automatically. The Gira Cube motion detector can be flexibly mounted on the ceiling or on the wall. With its hidden cover, it can limit the detection range as required. Bring more light into the dark. Particularly sensitive, digital sensors ensure reliable and error-free motion detection. In addition to automatic lighting control, entire light scenes...

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Gira Brand World - 16

Brand world / Shading Where there is shadow, there is also light. Let the sun in. Or enjoy the cool shade. Automatically controlled or self-determined. Just one blind? Sun tamer. Mind reader. Climate friend. Be the conductor of day and night. Adapted to all weather conditions, blinds help to stabilisethe climate in the room and save energy. With the corresponding top unit, you can choose the type of operationyourself: manual, automatic or with an app. For easy control of blinds, shutters and awnings, the Gira System 3000 offers you a choice of different top units: from manual control to...

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Gira Brand World - 18

Brand world / Climate control Brand world / Climate control Everything for a good climate. And a clear conscience.

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Gira Brand World - 19

Imagine a place where the weather doesn't matter. A room with warmth, affection and a rejuvenating effect, so pleasantly tempered and well-ventilated that you don't even notice its existence. But you are happy to be there nonetheless. Well tempered and enduring. With its integrated heating and cooling program, the Gira room temperature controller not only ensures the perfect temperature, it is also the most intelligent way of controlling individual rooms based on your needs, while saving costs and resources, for example in case of absence or reduced Simply take a deep breath. Thermal...

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