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Getz Bros. & Co. (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong No. 4 Sungei Kadut Crescent, Singapore 728688 Tel: +65 6897-8588 Fax: +65 6473 1028 Email: getz-sg@getz.com.sg Web: www.getz.com.sg

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Stretch Ceilings EXTENZO® System : an infinity of possibilities The strength of EXTENZO* is due to the originality of its exclusive interlocking system: it can be rapidly installed and rapidly taken down! A complete and multi-use system, EXTENZO* comes with over a hundred options - colours and textures - which enable a wide variety of projects: a standard renovation, the creation of a luxury showroom full of light, or the installation of a thermodynamic ceiling including ventilation, heating and air-conditioning. Accessories • lighting: spotlights, fibre optic, supports for chandeliers •...

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EXTENZO® is the French company most highly committed to the promotion of Stretch Ceilings, the drawing up of quality norms and the development of a strong professional association, able to offer the best guarantees in quality, production, assembly and fitting. I the 1st washable cloth Stretch Ceiling | the 1st heated Stretch Ceiling with air regulation | the 1st Extenzo production unit | the 1st priting ceiling The company and its values An independent company based in Alsace, EXTENZO® has undertaken various commitments with the encouragement of Jean-Philippe Ruhlmann and his team: they...

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Daylight Stretch Ceilings transmit more than 80% of the intensity of the light source Daylight... integrated light The ability of EXTENZO® Stretch Ceilings to transmit light makes it possible to create remarkable environments, either by using natural daylight, as in the case of the sky dome, or by using other sources of light who''92s effects can be controlled: in terms of variation of intensity, colour variation, time control or sequencing. From thelevel and efficient lighting of a surgery to the techno environment of a bar, Daylight says Light. • back-lighting of all Stretch Ceilings,...

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Extenzo® is the first ISO 9001:2000 trademark in stretch ceilings and airconditioning ceilings extremely simple. On site execution is astonishingly fast, and even more so when conditions are clean and dry. Shape Extenzo® ceilings adapt to all type of base structures and enable flat or 3D ceilings to be produced with invisible or visible finishes Volumes Creation of shapes for unique and original atpospheres (3D) Reflective Matt finish creates a neutral, subtle effect while gloss ceilings reflect and make the space appear bigger, adding grandeur and glamour to it.

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Photos, illustrations, graphic, texts, logos, and just about anything can be printed and can take desired from with Extenzo® Stretch Ceiling Customised With Extenzo® Art & Design, your ceiling becomes a work of art: it can copy the company logo, photo, illustrations or paintings; all fights of fancy are permitted

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When hygiene is a priority, EXTENZO Bio-Pruf is the solution: specially treated, this dedicated material acts continuously to impede the development of bacteria and moulds, on both surfaces. In accordance with health regulations in force, It is the perfect solution for hospitals, medical laboratories, surgeries, and the pharmaceutical and food industries, clean-rooms, catering services, swimming pools... EXTENZO® Bio-Pruf Stretch Ceiling is just what is required. In addition to its hygienic properties, aesthetic look and ease of maintenance, it offers possibilities for technical adaptation....

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EXTENZO® Stretch Ceiling are well suited to steamy environments: it is no surprise that they are widely used in swimming pools, both public and private. They give secure and lasting protection to the structures above, which does not degrade, and maintenance is effortless, In the example, the design is particularly elaborate, with inverted pyramids. Extenzo® Stretch Ceilings can carry the load due to water damage without breaking and can be returned to its original shape thanks to its form memory Stop Steam An effective solution for condensation No Maintenance The ceiling will not requires...

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CJjjTJSicJbJ' Air Oondjriorjlrj Jrn proves sound and inerrria) characreristj

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Climaclick revolutionises heating, ventilation and air conditioning by gentle and even diffusion of air, whether hot or cold. It never causes draughts. This diffusion process leads to greater comfort with lower energy consumption. Extenzo® Air-Conditioning Ceilings- lead to energy savings of up to 10% - as per tests by a Japanese laboratory Comfort The diffusion process leads to greater comfort with lower energy consumption No Risk of Draft With Climaclick, 2/3 of the cooling power is assumed by blowing the air all around the premises at a very low velocity and a temperature close to the...

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