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Total Quality. Assured. 130 Derry Coart York. Per.nsyvar.ia 17406 Telephone: 717-764-7700 Facsimile: 717-761-4129 TEST REPORT FOR GAMMASTONE Report No.: H4215.01-121-24-R0 Date 10/20/17 GAMMASTONE Via Flaminia 148 00068 Rignano Flaminio Rome, Italy SCOPE Intertek Building & Construction (B&C) was contracted by GammaStone, Via Flaminia 148 00068 Rignano Flaminio Rome, Italy to evaluate the flame propagation characteristics of an exterior, non-load-bearing wall assembly containing GammaStone Natural Air Composite Panel. Testing was conducted at the Intertek B81C test facility in York, PA Results obtained are tested values and were secured by using the designated test method(s). A summary of test results and the complete graphical test data is reported herein. Th is report does not constitute certification of this product nor an opinion or endorsement by this laboratory. SUMMARY OF TEST RESULTS Wall System: Exterior Non-load-bearing Wall Assembly Combustible Components: Carlisle Barritech’” VP, 2 in. thick Roxal comfort board, GammaStone Natural Air Composite panel NFPA 285 Test Results Th e assembly described and tested in this report did meet the Conditions of Acceptance of NFPA 285. Construction of the full assembly is summarized in Section 7 of this test report. For INTERTEK B&C: COMPLETED BY: Scott Gingrich REVIEWED BY: Ethan Grove Senior Technician - Fire TITLE: Testing TITLE: Manager-Fire Testing SIGNATURE: DATE: scg:ddr This report i; For the eidusiue use of Intertek’: Client and is provided pursuant to the agreement between Intertek and its Client Intertek’: responsaility and liaaility a'e im'tec to the terms and conditions of the agreement. Intertek assumes r« liability to any party, other than to the C ent in accordance with the ag-eemen.t. fo* any loss. e>perse or dam age occasioned by the use of this report. Only the Chert ; authorized to permit copying or distribution o* this report ard then only ir its entirety. Any use of the I ntertek name or one of its ms'*s for the sale or acvertisement o"‘ the tested material, product O" service mustf.rst oe approved In writing by Intertek. The observations and test results in this resort are relevant only to the sample(s) tested. This repot by tsef does not imply that the mated;, product, or service is or nas ever been unde* an Intetek certification program.

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LGAI TecOtoloaico' Center. S A Campos UAB - Ronda de la Font cel Cermo s/n E -08193 8e«ate<r® (Barcelona) T .3-193 567 2000 F .34 93 56720 01 CERTIFICATE PRODUCT APPROVAL CERTIFICATE FOR THE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES LGAI TECHNOLOGICAL CENTER S.A. certifies the following:

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WBW.wni-otriirxo wwwimq il ALLEGATO N. 2 ANNEX N. 2 AL CERTIFICATO N. TO THE CERTIFICATE N. KWH OwnmWMVH-Md r,u «!»•» mftiM" e«w». II m. o/ mwt«M SyilM Cwnm im m m. worto «"H It <ompoi»a e/ mu™ IM* X »<*»•• ov.< I JO I--0.AH 9105.MRME Units operativa: Operative unit: GAMMASTONE SRL VIA FLAMINIA KM 41,400 - 00068 RIGNANO FLAMINIO (RM) Progettazione e produzione di pannellature per facciate ventilate Design end production ot ventilated facade systems tt. PRESENTE ALLEGATO HA LO SCOPO 01ESPLCITARE IE ATTMTA SVOLTE PRESSO a SINGOLO SntVUNITA’ OPERATIVA NElLAMOlTO 0ELLA...

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EC TYPE EXAMINATION (MODULE B) CERTIFICATE No. MED036618CS This is to certify that RINA Services S.p.A. (Notified Body No. 0474) did undertake the relevant type approval procedures for the equipment identified below, which was found to be in compliance with the Fire Protection requirements of Marine Equipment Directive (MED) 2014/90/EU, including the requirements and testing standards of Regulation (EU) 2017/306. MED/3.18a MED Item Nº USCG Category Nº 164.112 Surface materials and floor coverings with low flame-spread Description Type Applicant Testing standards Reference standards Issued...

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ATTACHMENT TO CERTIFICATE No. MED036618CS Page 1 of 2 Manufacturer GAMMASTONE SRL Place of Manufacturer VIA FLAMINIA 148 00068 Rignano Flaminio (RM) ITALY Product description System composed of: a stainless steel sheet with a thickness of 0.5 mm; adhesive 0.1 mm thick, mass per area 230 g / m2 produced by Sika structural polymer produced by GammaStone with a thickness of 10 mm and mass per area 120 g/m2 . glass fiber network produced by Glass Industrie, 0.5 mm thick, mass per area 250 g/m2 . 7 mm thickness natural stone slab. Measured thickness (mm) 18 ± 5 % Field of application As...

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ATTACHMENT TO CERTIFICATE No. MED036618CS Page 2 of 2 The mark of conformity may only be affixed to the above type approved equipment and a Manufacturer's Declaration of Conformity issued when the production control phase module (D, E or F) of Annex II of the Directive is fully complied with a written inspection agreement with a Notified Body XXXX/YYYY "WHEELMARK FORMAT" XXXX Notified Body number undertaking surveillance module YY Last two digits of year mark affixed USCG Approval This product has been assigned a U.S. Coast Guard module B number (USCG number: 164.112/EC0474) to note type...

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